Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRKKH 8 Aug episode begins with Kartik and naira, both praying in different God. While Karthik prays to God to resolve his problems, Naira prays that Kairava’s operation becomes successful.

After this, Kairava is being prepared for the operation, but he is not ready, on the persuasion of the mother, he wears the clothes of the operation but repeatedly asks to call Papa. There turmeric preparations are being done. All the members of the house are looking beautiful in yellow clothes, but then turmeric falls, which the grandmother gets upset. He feels ominous. After this, the whole family goes to the temple of the house, where the grandmother prays to the Lord to avoid any hindrance in the marriage of Karthik and Vedika.

Kairav, on the other hand, was brought to the operation theater for the operation. There, suddenly Kairav ​​starts feeling dizzy, he starts to faint. When Naira gets upset, the doctor tells that its BP has become very low and in such a situation, it is not safe to do the operation of Kairav. Naira gets upset and calls Doctor Pallavi but she does not get a call. Sanjeevani doctors have not arrived yet. Naira gets nervous, Kairava calls Papa-Papa repeatedly in unconsciousness. Naira gets upset after seeing her father repeatedly. After this, Naira picks up the phone to message Pallavi but accidentally sends the message to Karthik.

On the other hand, Karthik’s father comes to explain to him that he should marry Vedika, because after Karthik’s mom, he also married Suvarna, and see how happy the two are today. Karthik says that you used to love Suvarna Maa, I do not love Vedika. I just love Naira and will never be able to love Vedika. On this, her father says that love is not done, and if there will be love in Vedika’s life, no one will stop her. Neither you nor me nor naira.

Tomorrow’s episode will show that Karthik is missing, everyone gets upset due to the groom missing on the wedding day, especially as Vedika’s condition worsens, she looks runaway. At the same time, Naira tells Lisa that she should stop Karthik’s marriage and Naira will walk towards Karthik’s house.


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