Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRKHH 9 Aug episode begins with Karthik’s phone has a message from Naira, Naira considers Doctor Pallavi to message Karthik, before Karthik reads the message, Samarth comes to Chachu and takes Karthik from there. Later Karthik reads the message which says – Doctor Pallavi! Please come quickly wherever you are, the health of Kayarav is not good. Karthik gets upset after reading this, he remembers that Doctor Pallavi had told a young child after having a hole in his heart for which Karthik extended a helping hand. Knowing this, Karthik’s condition worsens, and he also remembers that Kairava told him that he saw him in the hospital.

On the other hand Naira is upset with her son’s condition. Lisa, seeing Naira upset, says that she should call Karthik, because it is so important to have Karthik, that senior doctor is also his identity. Naira gets into thinking.

Karthik then tries to get out of the house so that he meets Kairava, but Dadi stops him. She says that I understand your feelings for Kairava but now it is necessary to be with Vedika, today is marriage. Karthik requests a lot from his grandmother, but his grandmother refuses. Karthik tells Vedika to go to meet Kairava, but Dadi strictly refuses him. She says that it is important for you to go after marriage.

Naira, on the other hand, is in a bad state. She complains to God, why is the small child suffering so much? Lisa tries to convince him, but Naira was finding it difficult to handle. Naira is sad not only for the child but also with Karthik’s marriage. Naira prays to God to cure her son. She says that God should do something good with us. Lisa explains to her friend Naira that you have problems with both Karthik’s marriage and Kayarav’s disease. He should go to Karthik. Lisa says forget everything and introduce Kairava to her father. Before either one of Kairav ​​and Karthik leaves. She questions why she is bothering Kayarav so much.

The family members are crying after remembering Naira. Everyone is missing Naira. The householder asks Naira for her blessings for Karthik. Gayu also remembers Naira. Karthik’s father also says that Vedika is a good girl. Karthik’s uncle is upset and thinks why did Naira not stop Karthik’s marriage?

Vedika sits in the wedding pavilion and then the clan comes and tells that the groom is missing. Samarth feels that the clan is lying and the rest of the family goes to his room to find Karthik. Vedika is shocked to learn that Karthik left her and left. She says I knew this would happen.

Then Karthik returns, Karthik’s mother Suvarna says that I need to talk to my son and she takes Karthik’s hand and takes it with him.

On the other hand, Naira realizes that Lisa is right, then only after so many years I have introduced Karthik to me and Kairava. And she cabs and leaves for Karthik’s house. She thinks in the cab that she can do anything for her son’s happiness right now. She will go to Karthik irrespective of his reaction.

Finally the day has come when Karthik and Naira will meet. Naira is trapped in a gas chamber of the hospital, Lisa will ask Karthik to go to meet Kairav ​​to save Kairava’s mom. Karthik will go inside and be shocked to see Naira there.


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