Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRKKH 9 Oct episode begins with Karthik marries Naira with a drunk, now will start Vedika’s real story Now in the story, Naira and Karthik are married once again, but drunk. Actually, from above, Karthik and Naira are expressing their anger towards each other.

The TV serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai remains the favorite show of viewers at the moment. The distance between Karthik and Naira is hurting the audience. The strong connection between the audience and Karthik Naira can be seen here. Now in the story, Naira and Karthik are married once again, but drunk. Actually, from above, Karthik and Naira are expressing their anger towards each other. But both still love each other from inside.

But due to the circumstances and due to Vedika, Naira is running away from Karthik. Here, preparations are on for Karthik Naira’s Divorce case. So on the other side, Karthik takes Naira off the goons and closes them in a store room. Meanwhile, Karthik and Naira are seen having fun and sharing emotions with each other. This scene will be introduced in a more interesting way in the coming episodes. In the state of intoxication, both will be seen saying their heart and then get married.

Here Vedika will blame herself and say how she can fall so much. Vedika was seen crying in front of God. But when Karthik reaches Naira court, the reality will be revealed in front of Vedika that Karthik and Naira have married again.

Naira is single in real life Recently a fan asked Naira a question during Durga Puja in Kolkata whether you are single. Hearing this question, Shivangi first smiled and then said that I cannot hear anything. Please tell that this video of Shivangi is becoming very viral on social media.

Karthik Naira’s wedding concluded, thumb cut, Karthik Naira’s love is unique. Fans like the cute pranks of these two. Now Karthik Naira got married in a drunken state. But the real truth is about to begin.

Cut the thumb and demand Naira asks Karthik that when Naira and Karthik are getting married, the goons come there and say ‘do you set a fire in the store?’ After this he extinguishes the fire. Naira says that it is fire, not fire. Do not do this, we have to get married. After extinguishing the fire, Karthik will be Naira Sad. Then Naira will say that you bite the thumb. Karthik will say why me? Only then will Naira tell that you have not seen in films, do you see the thumb cut and fill the demand.

Karthik and Naira trapped between goons. Goons are often seen following Karthik Naira when they are together. This time something similar happened that Vedika is burning in the fire of repentance in front of God sitting in the temple. How did you fall so much .. Vedika questioning herself

Khai Naira started melting like wax on hearing that the world was stumbling, Kartik Naira told how much he suffered. Will Vedika consider Naira responsible for her ruin? Bad Vedika would say that Naira did not really want to get close to Karthik, but after all this, Vedika would again bury Naira and would hold her responsible for her ruin why she came back.

Vedika will be able to vent her anger on Kartik Naira, in her mind, Vedika will once again be seen crying, crying. When Naira and Karthik meet in court, Karthik will tell Naira that they got married again. When Naira reacts to this shocking surprise, then Vedika will see and in anger, sometimes she will be red yellow, sometimes she will be seen suffering in jealousy.

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