Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 9th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YRHPK 9 Jul episode begins with Kunal scanning for his sibling in the tempest. Kuhu discovers Mishti is missing and places pads in her place to trick her mom.

In the interim, Mishti is likewise looking for Abir.

Varsha and Rajshri talk about their gathering with Abir. Varsha needs to go with Kuhu’s satisfaction and get her connected with Kunal.

Parul needs Kunal to get Mishti and get some answers concerning Abir. She says his sense of self isn’t as significant as his sibling.

Kunal calls Kuhu and enquires about Mishti. He advises her Abir is missing, and perhaps she is additionally looking for him.

Kuhu takes Mishti on the gathering and talks sweetly before Kunal. Mishti tells about the café toward the stopping point and Kunal gets a thought regarding where to look.

Police stop Mishti and she thinks that its futile to contend with them. At the point when the police get occupied by Kunal’s vehicle, Mishti rushes to the opposite end of the checkpoint.

In the interim, Abir gets cognizant in the vehicle and attempts to get Kunal’s call. The oil is as yet spilling alongside some shimmering wires in the vehicle.

His foot stalls out in the guiding which later crushes the mirror bringing about a bit of glass stalling out in his chest.

Mishti gets stunned to see Abir’s condition and attempts to open the vehicle entryway yet falls flat. She requests help however finds nobody the zone in view of the tempest.

Mishti breaks the vehicle window to enable him to out. She encourages him out before the vehicle could jump ablaze. She gets him to the emergency clinic and gets stressed as he is oblivious.

She takes a stab at calling his family, yet the medical caretaker reveals to her the systems are not working because of the tempest.

Abir gets up in the first part of the day to end up in the clinic stay with Mishti. He gets pleased to find out about Mishti’s consideration for him.

At the point when Mishti awakens, Abir does dramatization of as yet being oblivious and isn’t prepared to leave her hand. He pulls her hand much further while Mishti is apprehensive about anyone watching her like that.

Yashpal gets a call from the clinic to advise about Abir’s mishap. Meenakshi gets stressed to gain proficiency with this.

Kunal gets a call from Kuhu expressing Mishti is as yet absent. The two of them make sense of Mishti is the person who spared Abir and took him to the emergency clinic while Meenakshi is likewise suspicious.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke episode update: Kunal discloses to Abir he needs to steal away with Kuhu.


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