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Abir says some thing can appear anytime. Kunal asks how, even now I m wondering to go to London. Abir says Mishti got here to our residence on holi. Kunal says yes, a few random thief had pushed her. Abir says I notion we are able to do garba in Ketki’s sangeet. Kunal says Garba is dull. Abir says you’re the kiddo. Kunal says pleasant, I thought to stay again, we’ve got one sister. Abir hugs him and does Garba. Kunal says anybody is seeing. Abir says you have got grown up. Kunal says i’m able to call mom, I think I left my smartphone in health center. Abir says i can get it.

Meenakshi says Abir’s app will help me song Kunal. Abir tells Nanu that its a catastrophe. Bau ji asks what shall I do, did you thieve Kunal’s telephone. Abir says no, he left telephone in clinic, you have got failed. Bau ji asks him to keep a phone. Abir jokes. Bau ji says i’m able to preserve Meenakshi busy in marriage arrangements, will those people agree for alliance. Abir says Kunal made hero entry, Mishti’s own family likes him, he cancelled London trip. Bau ji says Kunal will change a lot whilst he gets married. Abir says consider keeping Meenakshi far from Kunal. He says Meenakshi will maintain trying to call Kunal if telephone is on. He switches off telephone and leaves with Kunal. Kunal says I wish we ought to fly, there might be a lot visitors. Abir says sure, its an excellent concept, we are able to fly, inquire from me where to head.

Kaushal comes to speak to Bau ji. Bau ji says Meenakshi is busy with someone. Kaushal says she is running in peace. Bau ji says I experience she located something, for which she is indignant. Kaushal says her properly, I sense she is finding a female for Kunal. Bau ji says its a catastrophe. He is going. Nidhi says Ketki’s lahenga is faulty. Meenakshi is going to peer. Kuhu cries. Rajshri and anyone come to her. Kuhu says i used to be excited for this alliance, however i used to be a great deal hurt, Kunal and i don’t want to marry, so I haven’t any objection with this. She hugs Rajshri. She is going. Rajshri says she has end up realistic. Vishwamber says courageous too. Varsha says we are continually terrified of Naman. Rajshri says we will get Mishti married, Naman can’t do something. Shaurya asks why do you need to get Mishti married in Rajvansh own family. Rajshri praises Mishti.

She says humans can question her due to Naman, they have got requested for Mishti’s hand, they assume Kunal and Mishti are right for every different, that man is first-rate. Varsha says alliance came for Kuhu. Rajshri says we will search for every other man for Kuhu, I additionally experience Mishti and Kunal are identical, calm and looked after, destiny brought them collectively. Vishwamber asks Rajshri to talk to Devyaani as soon as. Mishti thinks no one is even afflicted to invite me. Abir and Kunal go to make their very own way by paragliding. Abir does shayari. Kunal says you move for the aerial adventure, what will I inform mum, I m tensed. Abir says you can have assembly on video call. Kunal hugs and thank you him for the concept. He is going for video name. Abir says I need to put my thoughts in my pocket. Mishti comes to the same location and says girls shouldn’t turn 21, else family asks for alliances, despite the fact that groom’s mum is dangerous. She sits there. She says I recognize Rajshri won’t pressure me, i have applied for jobs, i can make my career and marry, I received’t marry quickly.

Abir sees her and says in which did she go, what did I just believe, she might be at her domestic. the man asks where is your companion. Abir says he is on video call. the man sorry, you can’t move, there has to be a stability. Abir sees Mishti and asks can you see that girl sporting glasses, she seems a bit irritated, violent and nevertheless innocent. the man says i can just see the girl, not if she is innocent. Abir says I got the companion. He is going to Mishti and says you got here right here for paragliding. She jokes. She says i’ve come right here for peace. She asks him no longer to shaggy dog story constantly. He says its now not correct to make the entirety so severe, come, i will show you in which you’ll get peace, come else I must lift you once more. She asks what.

He says I suggest Kunal is right here, he has experience in lifting you. She says you and Kunal helped me, paragliding is a risky recreation, I heard 50% humans get harm. He says 50% people live great, we’re one of these, we ought to try, come. She asks should I supply it a try, if some thing happens. He says go away it, forget all the doubts and extend your hand in the direction of existence, come. She feels scared. Abir asks why. She says my life’s big choice, I don’t understand. He says existence is unpredictable and a laugh, don’t take tension, if we get stored, give a 2nd threat to existence. They put on helmets. They take a flight. Abir enjoys. Mishti remains scared. Ud chala….plays… He says open your eyes. She says no. He says appearance beneath. She seems down. He says while you rise excessive in life, each trouble appears small just like the homes are searching tiny now. She enjoys too. They land back. Mishti says I did it. Abir asks how did you like it. She hugs him. He smiles. Dheere dheere….plays…. She receives away. She says I m sorry. He says you supposed to say thanks. She says thank you to your unfastened suggestions. He says try giving existence a threat.

Precap: Mishti says I don’t want to marry. Kartik asks why. Abir shows Kunal’s London tickets and confronts Meenakshi.

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10 April 2019
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th April 2019
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10 April
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th April


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