Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

The Episode begins with Parul coming to wish Meenakshi. She says Kunal requested that I wish you birthday, he would return soon. Meenakshi says truly, he can’t avoid me, from us. Parul says he can’t avoid you, he will come soon. Meenakshi says Abir would have opened a NGO here in the event that he needed, I m apprehensive that he won’t get back, this never occurred, he overlooked my birthday, we have same blood, however extraordinary mentality, we battle, yet we didn’t get so removed. Jugnu comes and says Kaushal has tumbled down, come quick. They run. Kaushal acts to get shocked and signs Jugnu. Meenakshi requests that they get a wooden stick. Kuhu thumps Kaushal. The force goes. Abir and Mishti get back home. Everybody gets shocked. Khushiyaan bhi baaten… ..plays… . They grin. Mishti wishes Meenakshi cheerful birthday.

FB shows Abir asking Mishti does she truly need to go, is she doing this for him. She gestures and says I m doing this for you, its Maa’s birthday, you both will be cheerful on the off chance that you are there. He says you and your satisfaction are my need. She says you and your satisfaction are my need. Kuhu says you shocked us, you would not come toward the beginning of the day. Abir says it was an astonishment, we will have cake cutting at this point. Meenakshi cuts the cake. Everybody sings. Mishti yells Abir. She frenzies and runs upstairs. Meenakshi says Mishti… Abir says perhaps she is worn out, really I m additionally drained, I will talk later. He goes. Kuhu says she is acting, she is self fixated, its her show. Mishti cries. She sees the room and reviews Abir. Abir holds the rope and says its rope of expectation, we need to proceed onward together, come, sit, we are together, that is devil, there is no reason to worry. Mishti says sorry, I got helped to remember that night. He says overlook it, we are with family now. They hear police alarm. Mishti heads out to see. Overseer asks does Mishti remain here. Mishti says police has come, everything got over, they won’t leave me. Abir says I let you know, nothing will turn out badly until we are together, I will converse with them. She says no, they won’t leave me. He says I guaranteed you, I will consistently deal with you, remain inside, I will converse with them. She goes.

Auditor says we know you, its better to converse with them, you reserve an option to know the issue. Meenakshi asks what’s wrong. Abir says I will converse with investigator. Nidhi says Abir left, we ought to proceed to rest. Meenakshi says no Parul, police has come to converse with Mishti, Abir is stating its nothing genuine, for what reason did Abir approach police. She says I need to comprehend what would they like to converse with Mishti. Kuhu brings Mishti. Abir stresses and asks Kuhu for what good reason did she bring Mishti. Kuhu says cops were requesting her. He says I m dealing with it, better avoid this circumstance. Meenakshi requests that he stop, what’s wrong. Abir says nothing, take rest. She says enough, you are concealing something, what’s the issue Mishti, for what reason did assessor come searching for you. Abir says I will say. Constable asks is this your handbag, it has your ID. Reviewer says we needed to know whether you are at home, we could have offered it to your better half. Police leaves. Abir says I disclosed to you that its a little thing, I clarified Kuhu likewise, proceed to rest now. Everybody goes. Abir takes Mishti. Parul says we will commend your birthday well today, Abir and Mishti are having lodging food since 3 months, they might want the food arranged by you. Ketki says Kuhu, I will advise everything to Abir tomorrow. Kuhu looks on.

FB shows Mishti and Abir crying and seeing something… . Mishti says help me Abir, if it’s not too much trouble FB closes. Mishti says what will I do, I need to carry on with a typical life. Abir jokes. She says sorry, I ruined your rest. He says I wasn’t dozing, accompanied me. He shows the noodles. She asks were you cooking. He says indeed, come, sit. He says I comprehend your stomach, I realize you are ravenous, gone ahead, have it. She says sorry, a debt of gratitude is in order for taking care of everything. Kuhu says I have dealt with the house alone, Mishti didn’t say thanks to me, even Abir changed. Jasmeet says Mishti is indecent. Kuhu says Abir addressed me today. Jasmeet says Mishti instructed this to him, she is envious of your bliss. Abir asks what are you thinking. Mishti says I was freezing, you were unable to take care of the cake to Maa, you chastened Kuhu. He says I will say sorry to her, don’t converse with her, she just contends, I don’t need you to get progressively pushed. She says I will do as you state, just you are with me. He says everybody adores you, on the off chance that we come clean with them, they will likewise bolster us, we need to illuminate it. Jasmeet says on the off chance that Abir blows up, at that point Meenakshi will likewise blow up, accomplish something. Kuhu says I wish I could go to Kunal. Jasmeet says so that Mishti gets the kudos for your hardwork for Ketki’s marriage, remain there and demonstrate that Mishti is nothing before you. Kuhu says you are correct, you think Mishti needs to remain separate for eternity.

Its morning, Abir sees Mishti resting. He thinks you are resting soundly after quite a while, I feel we didn’t commit any error by returning, our family is with us. Nidhi gets some information about the morning meal. Ketki jokes on her. Nidhi says Kuhu is my fav, I will have an eating regimen plan. Ketki says I need to tell Abir. Kaushal says everything occurs here in filmi style. Parul says I didn’t cook. Meenakshi says I have prepared the morning meal, Kunal isn’t here, just Abir will have the uttapam. Kuhu says yes. Kaushal inquires as to for what reason did you not play sitar today. Abir comes. Meenakshi says the treat is for you and Mishti. Ketki says I need to tell something. Abir says Mishti is dozing. Nidhi inquires as to why so late. Abir says there was a lot of work. Meenakshi says when Mishti comes, you can reveal to them together. Kuhu says Abir won’t have the option to have breakfast if Mishti comes. Parul says just Mishti made sure to bring the cake. Meenakshi says its enough that Abir and Mishti came. Meenakshi requests that he have food. Jugnu says Mishti is searching for you. Abir runs. Mishti shouts and says I didn’t do anything deliberately. Abir says there is not all that much, its equitable sindoor. She says I can’t see. He says you believe me right, unwind, its sindoor. She embraces him and cries.

Precap: Kuhu faults Mishti and says I loathe her. Mishti strolls out and about. Abir searches for her. He sees a truck coming towards her and yells Mishti.


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