Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Meenakshi playing the Sitara and grinning. Police arrives. Mishti says I need to converse with you. Abir asks what would you like to converse with me. She says you are my solitary companion in this house. He asks companion? She asks would we say we are not companions? He says truly, we are. She grins. Meenakshi gets up and sees the police. She grasps the hoops. Chief comes in. Meenakshi says I have called him to favor Ketki. Abir jokes. Meenakshi asks did you come here straight from obligation. Official says I have come here for my obligation, I came to meet Vishwamber. Meenakshi asks however for what valid reason. Abir says that is their issue, let them talk. Meenakshi asks Kaushal to take magistrate and Vishwamber’s family to a room. Official asks are Mishti and Kuhu here. Mishti and Kuhu state we are here.

Meenakshi asks the issue. Vishwamber asks Mishti to come. Mishti’s dupatta stalls out in Abir’s sherwani. He signs her and liberates the dupatta. She goes. Meenakshi says what could be the explanation behind this.

Mrs. Parekh says possibly there is some misconception, they are regarded family. Meenakshi says father will converse with chief on the off chance that it gets late. Shaurya asks what did Kuhu and Mishti go. Chief says they are blamed for supported a good family young lady for eloping. Vishwamber asks what evidence he has. Magistrate requests that they see the pics. They see Mishti and Kuhu with Ketki. He says sorry, I need to bring them into police authority. Mishti says no, we didn’t support her, we advised her to call her family. Kuhu says I clarified her that family is generally devil. Magistrate says capture them. Kuhu says ask Ketki, it would be ideal if you Vishwamber asks Ketki Rajvansh. Kaushal says Ketki is my little girl, her Sangeet is going on, if police solicits her in front from inlaws, what will be our regard. Chief says we have to go to police headquarters or Vishwamber’s home. Parul asks who called the police.

Meenakshi says I called. Parul says the young ladies and their families will confront disfavor. Meenakshi says I m defenseless, its about my family, a marriage coalition isn’t a joke. Parul says indeed, however the young lady is great. Meenakshi says indeed, yet not for our home, we are vulnerable, I couldn’t care less in the event that anybody respects me terrible, whatever I do is for prosperity of family, when Vishwamber realizes I did the protest, union will break. Nidhi comes to ask what’s going on. Meenakshi says police is scrutinizing Vishwamber’s family. Nidhi says Mrs. Parekh was disclosing to me that you will break the coalition. Abir hears them. Rajshri and Shaurya ask Kaushal to call Ketki. Kaushal says her inlaws are here, I can’t call her, its about my little girl. Rajshri says its regarding my girls as well. Shaurya says simply call Ketki, she can come clean. Abir comes and says I will come clean. Mishti says we didn’t encourage Ketki to run. Abir says I know, Ketki is securely home on account of Mishti and Kuhu, when Ketki left home, they helped her, much appreciated. Mishti grins. Dheere… .plays… Commissioner asks the for what good reason did Meenakshi document the police grumbling. They get stunned.

Vishwamber says Meenakshi will never do this. Meenakshi says I had done the police protest, I didn’t realize that Mishti and Kuhu were those two young ladies, presently I will take my grumbling back. She is sorry to them. She says I did the objection on the day when Ketki left home, we were stressed. She acts great and completes a dramatization. Abir dismisses. Vishwamber says I get this, we need to return home. Bau ji expresses gratitude toward him. Abir apologizes to Mishti. Mishti and family leave. Meenakshi says I have to meet the official to talk something devil. Parul gestures. Meenakshi goes.

Jasmeet hangs tight for the link fellow. Abir calls home and asks policed get back home. Jasmeet says no, for what reason will police come here, we are regarded individuals, is the police truly coming here. Abir says for what reason didn’t police go to Mishti’s home and came here legitimately. Vishwamber and everybody get back home. Shaurya and Varsha ask what’s reality. Kuhu says Mishti clarified Ketki and sent her home. Mishti says we did by deduction its right, we thought everything got fine. Kuhu says Ketki was upbeat in holi party. Mishti says Ketki was terrified since she didn’t meet the imminent husband to be. Rajshri gestures. Vishwamber goes. Meenakshi thanks chief for going ahead her call. He inquires as to for what reason did you take grievance back. She says those young ladies helped my little girl so I needed to take objection back. He says I know you since years, you don’t do anything without a reason, I carry out anything for my obligation. She says I thoroughly take care of my family, much obliged for help. He says you need to shape a partnership with Maheshwari family, imagine a scenario in which it breaks. She says it will be actually quite tragic.

Precap: Meenakshi and Abir contend. Kunal asks Meenakshi did you call the police.


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