Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Kuhu dancing at a dhaba. absolutely everyone claps for her. Mishti appears on. Kuhu asks the man to get all of the dishes for her so that she knows what’s suitable. the man asks what for this madam. Kuhu says she can first study, paintings hard after which assume, in the end she is a primary bencher. Mishti says you closing bencher. She performs tune and ignores Kuhu’s name callings. She asks are you done. She exams the menu and says don’t recognize how is the fruit juice, what if there is no washroom at the way. She asks how is gujju pizza. the person says its right, now not a groom, you may go away it in case you don’t like. Kuhu says she will run. Mishti says I received’t, turtles walk slowly, but constantly wins. Kuhu makes Mishti fall and clicks %. She says mock me again. She runs.someone plays sitar at Rajvansh sadan. Parul goes downstairs and tells Babuji that Ketki is nowhere. He asks her to live calm, she might be at domestic. Ketki’s mum Nidhi comes walking and says Ketki is lacking, I went to wake her up and noticed the pillows instead Ketki on the mattress, i’ve been seeing bad omens considering morning, what shall I do. Ketki’s dad Kaushal asks his son where is Ketki. Babuji says sitar has stopped. The woman comes domestic and says if you leave out one observe, the exercise is left incomplete, why are you searching within the residence, Ketki has run away on the day of her engagement. She sees Ketki’s p.c. Ketki says Fui could have got to understand this via now, i can switch off my phone. Kunal is at the way. The female calls him and says i can’t agree with anyone else, what if alliance breaks, you are smart. He says alliance won’t ruin. She says I want Ketki at domestic before mahurat. He says I promise, i discovered where is Abir, we can… she says no, he likes to name his mum wrong, keep him far from this. He says I promise, Ketki will be home earlier than 12. She asks him to force carefully. Kunal is going to Kutch pageant and asks a person for the course.
He calls Abir and says you could transfer off your cellphone, but how will you switch off the phones of others. Abir clicks a few photographs. Ud chala….performs…. Kuhu name callings Mishti. Mishti says i’m able to go and have some sparkling air, you sit down in crowd. She goes to get over the bus top. The lady Meenakshi says I m not going for morning walk. She scolds Nidhi. She opens the door. She sees the visitors. all of us greets her and says we’ve come for engagement early. Mishti sees a person clicking photos and receives down. Abir sees her and does shayari. He turns away. She comes close to him and receives seated. The bus leaves. She holds his hand. He thinks while their hands got together, their bond is deep, who is she. His headband flies over her face. He turns to see her. the person says the woman has stored the guy. Abir says I let a person preserve my hand if she is right hearted. She says i’ve held hand simply to guide. She remembers her dad and says whilst our loved ones go away us, we don’t have a dependancy to keep hands. Abir additionally remembers his dad. Meenakshi asks Nidhi to welcome her daughter’s might be in-legal guidelines and groom. Kunal says wherein is Abir, we should get Ketki home. Kuhu offers water to Ketki. Kuhu says you drank all the water, are you ok. Ketki says I need to move. Kuhu says I got the window seat, thank God. Abir dances at the track. Kunal drives the car on the equal course. Kuhu sees him and smiles. She says he checked out me.

Ketki says stop the bus, I ought to get down the bus. the man says come returned and sit. Kunal doesn’t see her. Kuhu says any such handsome man. Kunal brings his car in front. The bus motive force stops the bus. Ketki sees Kunal and worries. Mishti says a few humans don’t exchange. Abir says I did a mistake as soon as. He sees Kunal and gets down the bus. Abir hugs Kunal. the driver asks them to move the automobile. Abir says I met my brother after 21 days, allow us to hug. Kunal says its severe, Ketki is lacking, its her engagement these days, mum is asking, she is in anxiety. Abir says that’s why Ketki has run way, take a look at the app and find Ketki. Kunal says sure, why did I consider this. Ketki says my family will locate me, help me, I don’t want to get married. Abir says we are able to get Ketki.

Kunal asks does Ketki have any BF. Ketki says no, I don’t need to marry, so i’ve run from home. Mishti says its a extreme trouble, you’ll have informed a person at domestic. Ketki says mom doesn’t have a say at home, I didn’t tell her, my brother Abir, I don’t recognise in which he’s. Kunal and Abir go away. Kunal says community is very gradual. Ketki says if Abir became there, i might have no longer run away. Kuhu says we ought to help her in walking away, i will deal with this. Ketki says I wish I had sisters such as you. Mishti and Kuhu say we are not sisters. Ketki asks Mishti to help her, what could she do if she become in her scenario, would she get married, no one will apprehend and help, I have to leave. They get down the bus. Ketki’s telephone drops. Mishti alternatives it and sees her mum’s p.c.

Nidhi is tensed. Meenakshi says Ketki went out along with her brothers, they desired to present her a marvel, now she may be all yours, come sit. She handles the visitors. Kunal says Ketki has booked the tickets to Kutch utsav. Abir says that bus become going to Kutch utsav. he takes a u flip. Mishti says if I had run away, what about Badi Maa, she would have were given harm, I gained’t permit Ketki hurt everybody in her circle of relatives. Kuhu says come with me, all and sundry will be given you, like they regularly occurring Mishti. Mishti takes Ketki to speak. Meenakshi asks Parul not to go away Nidhi on my own. Nidhi gets Ketki’s call. Meenakshi says i will make kesar milk for Jamai Raja. Babuji signs and symptoms Kaushal and says i will just come. Mishti explains Ketki. The circle of relatives participants hear their speak on video name. Meenakshi says i’m able to cross and get her. Mishti says you asked me, what would I do, if my own family wanted me to marry a person I don’t recognize, i’d have now not done this marriage and denied. Ketki asks should I deny this alliance.

Precap: Mishti says you don’t recognize what it method to await dad. Abir asks her to cry if it lightens her heart, they should be sturdy. Mishti performs in Utsav. Meenakshi proclaims to locate Ketki. Abir looks on.


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