Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Meenakshi scolding Mishti. She asks Mishti to do what she says, supply the respond earlier than Sangeet. Mishti cries. Abir dances with every body. He is going. Kunal looks on. Kaushal stops Kunal. Mishti says you’re threatening me. Meenakshi says because I m a mum, mum can do some thing for children, you can’t apprehend this, you have to stay away from Abir, in case you don’t reply till night, then i’m able to ask such questions on Kuhu and Kunal’s alliance, that none has the solutions. Mishti receives scared. Meenakshi says i am hoping you do what’s right. Abir comes out of the house. Mishti sits crying. Uljhe hue se…..performs…. She thinks of Abir.

She receives Abir’s call. She says Abir is coming, what’s going to I tell him. She calls….. Abir appears for her. He says I assume Mishti left. He sees Mishti going. He says i used to be going to return, but Kunal and Kuhu had a controversy, it changed into a small element, its okay. She worries and walks ahead. He asks is the entirety pleasant, sorry, its Kunal’s sangeet, you could’t be aggravated with me for this. She says no, I were given worn-out waiting, I should go to my family, please. She goes.

Kunal asks did Mishti comply with you. Meenakshi says no, she gained’t break down so effortlessly, we must strike hard. Kunal says fine, i’m able to tell her that I won’t get baraat for Kuhu. Rajshri asks wherein had been you. Mishti says I needed to go for NGO paintings. Rajshri says we loved plenty. Mishti says i will just come. Nanu tells Vishwamber about the rasam. He asks for Kuhu’s birth chart. Rajshri asks how can we deliver it. Varsha says my call isn’t written in mother’s location. Vishwamber says i’m able to talk to Yashpal. Varsha says we can’t inform them.

Meenakshi says if you use Kuhu and your relation, Mishti will know it, if she knows Kuhu is marrying a guy who doesn’t love her, she will smash this relation, how will we force Mishti to stay faraway from Abir, we have to expose Mishti which you love Kuhu. Mishti thinks of Kunal. She thinks Kunal loves Kuhu, will he now not are available mandap if his mother tells. Shaurya says Varsha is worried. Rajshri says we are in Kuhu’s Sasural. Varsha says I won’t give proper to ask us, Kuhu is my daughter. Rajshri says but someone else have given her delivery. Shaurya says what’s the use to mention fact. Rajshri says Kuhu will be called liar if we cover this. Mishti hides the affection banner and says its NGO banner. Abir says I need to talk. Parul stops Mishti. Mishti asks what’s the problem. Abir asks what came about. Mishti says we ought to leave, i have a headache, I will be excellent. He asks why did you name me out. She says I had a headache and went to have clean air, I concept to call you for a communicate. He asks what. She says I desired to thank you. Varsha says Kuhu knows the truth, I wanted to become her mum, Meenakshi would react, there’s one way, we can make fake kundli. Rajshri says what, we in no way lied. Varsha says we will do this for Kuhu’s happiness. Rajshri asks Shaurya to stop Varsha.

Abir says I need to pay attention the truth. She sounds disenchanted. She says my dad and mom left me, Vishwamber and Rajshri got me domestic, I prayed that they remorse for getting me domestic, if Kuhu and Kunal’s relation breaks due to me. He says there may be many reasons for it, if the 2 humans accept as true with each different and get prepared to fight with world, the arena can’t wreck them, a relation breaks from within, no longer out of doors. She says Kuhu and Kunal love each different loads. He says then no person can spoil their relation, come. Varsha is going to Vishwamber. Mishti says I want to tell something to you all, while i was getting engaged to Kunal, I stored courtship condition and realized that we aren’t proper for each other, I realized who can be my best existence associate, the things which I appreciated for the duration of courtship, Abir did it, not Kunal, once I got to recognize this, i was disenchanted, I found out that i was disappointed with myself. absolutely everyone gets shocked. Abir smiles. Mishti says I fought with my emotions, i was wrong, my coronary heart changed into right, my feelings have been right, my love turned into right. Meenakshi gets greatly surprised.

Mishti says sure, i like Abir loads. Dheere dheere….performs….. Abir smiles and springs to Mishti. He says i really like you too Mishti. He holds her hand. Meenakshi gets angry. Abir says i love you for the reason that I didn’t understand the that means of affection, that i’ve feelings for you, I felt I m incorrect as Kunal become engaged to Mishti, then that alliance broke, Kunal were given his proper love and i were given mine.

Precap: Meenakshi says I m no longer ready for this relation. Abir says its my relation, I m prepared. Meenakshi says if my one son marries Mishti, then my different son received’t marry Kuhu. everyone receives taken aback.


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