Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

the episode starts offevolved with nanu coming to abir. he asks are you maintaining secrets and techniques from me, its towards bro code. abir says no, meenakshi and parul has some secret, i felt meenakshi was making parul do some mystery work, do you realize about it. kunal says yes, i know, its dangerous, in case you see existence like business and business like life, it looks easy, if my business rival gives friendship, then it way he is playing a few trick, you recognize mishti properly. she says she is very clever. he smiles and says you’re very lovely, you lady could face rejection so fortuitously and positive. she says i wasn’t happy, i used to be pretending for family and your sake, i didn’t wish you to get sad. he says you’re the cause for every person’s smile, keep your happiness from mishti.

nanu says meenakshi and parul’s relation is like high-quality pals, they might have secrets. abir says parul is here because long, an awful lot before my delivery. nanu says she loves you want a mum, our age isn’t to talk of beyond, why are you after incorrect things, its your age to fall in love, consider love, some thing takes place to indian women in marriages, make this marriage a launch pad of your love tale. he asks abir to say i really like you, we are able to play the passing the parcel, else the shoe stealing ritual. abir says its 2019, assume some thing new. nanu says love story starts offevolved with i really like you. abir says you are the handiest youngster in this story, i need mishti to recognise that i m continually with her, than saying i like you. nanu says its an evolved love story. abir laughs and goes. nanu says what did abir hear them speaking.

shaurya gets chocolates home. rajshri eats ghewar. vishwamber says akshara used to steal chocolates and consume. rajshri says mishri doesn’t find it irresistible. jasmeet asks how will you compare akshara and mishti. vishwamber says i’m able to tell you later, go and call mishti. mishti says i may be back in a while. he receives abir’s call. abir says there is some superb pressing paintings in ngo, mishti will be loose in an hour, its very essential, then i will drop her domestic, its engagement today. vishwamber says quality, mishti, abir had known as, you need to visit ngo. mishti thinks thank god abir known as. varsha thinks changed into mishti wide awake last night time. jasmeet thinks its right she goes. mishti goes. jasmeet says we are able to additionally cross, we have work. vishwamber stops them. shaurya asks is everything satisfactory.

vishwamber says no, akshara and mishti don’t have any comparison, if akshara have been in her place, you will have no longer asked her to express regret, mishti has no longer gone for paintings, she wanted to move, she notion if she stays right here, then there might be troubles in kuhu’s alliance, our family made her feel this, i allow her cross due to the fact i experience ashamed about it. he is going.

varsha says sorry. rajshri says no, the fault is mine, i couldn’t understand my daughter’s coronary heart. kuhu remembers kunal’s words. she thinks if mishti honestly making plans some thing. meenakshi says its custom to ship clothes for son in law, however layout should be contemporary, i didn’t like this much. kunal takes the in shape. nanu asks will the groom select mom or might be bride. he goes. parul says this seems a touch bit massive, i can restore it if you say. he thanks her. she gets a name. shweta asks for meenakshi. she says i m shwet, i m calling on behalf of the financial institution, she has to make the repayment. parul says its shwet’s call from bank, she says that you have to pay off a few money. kunal says i can speak. meenakshi says i will talk. she takes the call. shweta says tell them that they have got heard it incorrect. meenakshi says its ms. sheikh, now not shwet. shweta says its imp for us to satisfy nowadays. meenakshi says i will meet the financial institution supervisor tomorrow, nowadays is my son’s engagement.

shweta says its imp, else i may additionally must visit maheshwari house. meenakshi says not today. she ends name and says these banks and their new schemes. mishti sits unhappy in the ngo. she thinks of varsha’s words. she says abir…. she sees vishwamber at the door. he says so this is the paintings for which you didn’t live with kuhu, you don’t agree with us or you think we don’t believe you. she says i consider you. he says i might be the only to answer every body who increases a query on you. she says i understand, i didn’t wish you to pick, no person instructed me to come right here. he says i didn’t like the fact that you are here. she asks who told you that i m here. he says abir advised me, am i able to take my daughter home now. she nods. she sees abir’s percent and says i will kill you ajeeb rajvansh.

rajshri asks varsha to welcome kunal. shaurya asks abir to offer the containers to servant. abir says i m here to paintings. rajshri says you will get a woman like diamond for positive. he asks in which is your diamond. kuhu says she is getting prepared. he thinks i forgot you’ve got two diamonds, mishti would be great irritated. kuhu thinks shall i ask her is she in love with abir, humans constantly smile in love, i suppose she doesn’t realize meaning of love, she hasn’t noted abir’s name, does she love abir or no longer, she is clever to cover it. mishti offers her bracelet and is going.

rajshri comes and compliments kuhu. mishti says none can be pretty than kuhu. rajshri asks mishti to set her hair. mishti says i’m able to get geared up and come, i promise. rajshri says abir is working hard to get blessed with the woman he likes, who will like you if you pop out like this. mishti says its right if none likes me, i don’t like everybody. rajshri asks nobody? mishti thinks of abir. abir appears on. mishti says nobody. rajshri asks kuhu to come back. mishti says i can are available in 5mins. rajshri says are available 10mins, however set your hair nicely. they cross. mishti says i hope those 10 days bypass by some means. abir comes and gives a bracelet to mishti.

precap: abir tries to make mishti put on the bracelet. abir says you didn’t wear my proficient issue. mishti says i don’t want. he asks what if i make you put on it. she says then you’ll get the answer of your question. he holds her close to make her wear the bracelet. ankhon ki gustakhiyan….plays… they get bowled over seeing shweta hugging kunal. kuhu looks on.


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