Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Kunal asking what’s happening here. Abir says you have to do Garba and welcome Ketki’s Sasural. Kunal says fine, i can try, promise you’ll inform me. Mishti and Kuhu like renovated room and thank Varsha. Kuhu acts caring closer to Mishti. Mishti says you are so lovely, you contend with me, your bedside is close to toilet, she can wash her foot and climb on the bed. Jasmeet name callings Mishti.

Meenakshi suggests the earring to Parul. Parul says I didn’t apprehend. Meenakshi says that smartphone call for Ketki. Parul says the lady who referred to as her and brainwashed Ketki. Meenakshi says yes, question me wherein i discovered this, Abeer’s wallet. Parul asks does he realize her. Meenakshi says don’t know, those two women were there, I have to discover who are the ones ladies. Parul

asks will Abir inform you. She says no, i’m able to punish the ones ladies, Ketki’s alliance would have broken, i can locate them out. She sees Kunal and Abir satisfied.
Jasmeet says shall we take a selfie. Varsha gives the trophy. Mishti and Kuhu smile. Varsha asks them to get prepared for holika dahan. Varsha and Jasmeet go. Mishti and Kuhu give up the beauty drama and argue. Rajshri calls them out. Abir talks to servant and says all and sundry is scared of Meenakshi. Servant says no, we appreciate her, she usually allows in want. Kunal comes. Abir teases him. Kunal says I wanted to reveal you something. He shows the earring. Abir says you may see it, have you ever began to go looking my room like mom. Kunal says don’t act, tell me in which you found it. Abir says so its mom’s order. Kunal says this female turned into with Ketki in Kutch. Abir asks truly. Kunal asks do you recognize her. Abir says not absolutely, just think it belongs in your Bhabhi. Meenakshi appears on. Kunal says I m extreme, whom goes it belong. Abir says I m additionally serious. Shaurya says Mishti and also you won’t walk on burning coal, i can unfold flora under your foot. Mishti sees Shaurya and Kuhu. She recalls Naman. She seems for her earring. Varsha is going to call Rajshri.

Kunal asks is this truely of Bhabhi. Meenakshi says I don’t like stupid things. Abir says I don’t like extreme things. Bau ji says come for holika. all of us prays. Meenakshi says all the evil have to get burnt, even someone’s recollections. She throws the earring. Abir catches it. Abir says Ketki had come again because of this woman, we are able to go back this to her, the puja is over, I m going to temple. He leaves. Ud chala….plays….

Mishti sees Naman disturbing money from Rajshri. She hides and overhears their talk. Rajshri says I don’t need Mishti to peer you, i have given you money, just move. Naman exams the money and says i’m able to call for subsequent instalment, did you spot the selfie, my daughter is very emotional. He is going. Mishti receives shocked. Rajshri is tensed and joins the own family. Naman says Rajshri gave me 5 lakhs without hesitation, a daughter is continually father’s guide, like my daughter. He wishes to get her wealth. Abir is on the temple. He needs old ache and memories also wiped out on holi. He says I simply desire no one is forced to live with evil and sins. He plays shank. He sits there and tells the holi story to the kids. He says evil needed to lose, fact wins usually. Mishti follows Naman and takes the cash bag from him. Naman runs after Mishti. Abir receives a call and says I m coming domestic. Naman asks Abit to capture the thief, he has taken his bag.

Abir runs after Mishti. She rides a cycle and flees. She says you idea you can blackmail Rajshri for cash, I won’t can help you do this. She sees the police and hides. Abir catches her. She pushes him. He says its a violent thief. He stops her. She falls over him. He looks at her. She runs to take the bag. He says ladies are going beforehand in every field. He calls her out and shouts hi there Chorni/thief, satisfied holi. He throws colorations at her. he’s taking the bag from her. She says leave my bag. He looks at her. He says its terrible to scouse borrow. She asks are you a instructor, a senior uncle, why are you lecturing me. He symptoms no. He says you’re doing wrong, I received’t will let you do wrong. She says what befell was incorrect, I m just looking to repair it, depart it. She cries and leaves. Abir says I forgot to take goodies. Mishti comes domestic and enters the house. She prays that Rajshri and she or he by no means meet Naman. Abir thinks of her and smiles. Vishwamber ignites the holika and asks for Mishti. Mishti comes on time and says i used to be here. They burn holika. Mishti says lets burn all the evil these days. She thinks of Naman.

Abir sings a rap. Meenakshi says Kunal offered this ring for that girl. She breaks the ring. all of us sings Rishta aaya hai. Meenakshi says Kunal shouldn’t keep in mind that female.


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