Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Kuhu saying goodness, Kareena Kapoor is the unexpected visitor in the marriage, I have seen her. Ketki asks truly. The young ladies head out to take selfie. Kuhu asks Ketki to legitimate her Kajal first. Mishti asks what occurred. Abir says let me know, what’s the issue. She says don’t get frantic, center around what I m saying. He says I will end up being a camera and core interest. She requests that he joke. Mishti gets Kuhu’s message and understands… I m with Ketki in her room, I will advise her beginning and end. Abir says I will simply come. Mishti goes to Kuhu and asks her not to advise anything to Ketki, its demon to tell Abir. Kuhu says we should converse with Ketki, don’t wed Ved, break this connection or steal away, are you tuning in. Mishti stops her. They see Meenakshi.

Kuhu says I was asking Ketki to wake up. Mishti says I saw Ved in the sanctuary. Meenakshi says let me know, what is it. Mishti says I have seen Ved wedding some other young lady in the sanctuary. Kuhu says I was responding on her news, I don’t lie ordinarily. Meenakshi asks did you come to express this to Ketki. Mishti says no, I came to tell Abir. Meenakshi requests that her advise her, who was that young lady. Mishti says don’t have a clue. Meenakshi asks do you have any verification, did anybody see Ved. Mishti says don’t have the foggiest idea. Meenakshi says you aren’t sure, you need me to denounce Ved and break the marriage. Kuhu says yes. Meenakshi asks are you certain that you saw Ved. Mishti says I accept so. Kuhu says she saw his sprained lower leg. Meenakshi asks is this isn’t right. Kuhu asks what will you do. Meenakshi takes their telephones and says you both will remain here, don’t yell, remember that your family is additionally here, you will be offended too.

Meenakshi comes first floor. She says I will meet in some time. Bau ji says she deals with every one of the things. Meenakshi asks Mrs. Parekh to seek a discussion. Mishti and Kuhu contend. Kuhu says on the off chance that you have seen Ved, for what reason didn’t you take his pic. Mishti says Ketki said she confides in just Abir, even I can confide in him. Kuhu asks how would you think a lot about Abir. Meenakshi asks how did Ved get that sprain in his lower leg. Mrs. Parekh says Ved was improving the house, see the pic, how is the improvement. Meenakshi says its Ved on the stepping stool, I will send drugs for him, begin the customs. Mrs. Parekh says I have in rush to get bahu. Meenakshi says Parul, Mishti and Kuhu said they have seen Ved wedding somebody in sanctuary, accompany me.

Parul comes to Mishti and Kuhu. She says you won’t go out until Ved and Ketki get hitched, we know everything, don’t yell, wedding customs have begun. Mishti stresses. She says we can’t malign Ketki. Kuhu asks what, Ved bamboozled her, he will be maligned. They see the clock and state we have only 15 mins.

Ved says don’t get after my sprain now. He converses with his mum. Abir yells shoes. Mishti and Kuhu endeavor to go out. Mishti says ask that Abir acknowledged something isn’t right, he gets the instinct. Some garments tumble down the cabinet. She says who wears such garments here. She reviews Abir. Abir embraces Ved and asks Kunal to pick appears. Kunal says I won’t get into this. He slams into Vishwamber and says sorry. Vishwamber says I m searching for Mishti. Abir says Kunal will search for her. Abir and Atul get Ved and take his shoes. Meenakshi asks Abir, what’s this, mahurat will pass. Abir says it will take two seconds to take off shoes. Meenakshi asks him not to battle. They go to mandap. Atul says we got the shoes. Abir says I don’t feel we have won.

Ved sits in the mandap. Nidhi goes to get Ketki. Meenakshi sees Rajshri. Parul sees Abir and considers in the event that he sees the entryway bolted, he will question. She opens the entryway. Kuhu says we will yell. Mishti says no, we have no confirmation. Abir asks what are you doing here. Mishti tosses her dupatta. Parul says I was discovering Ketki. He says she is with Nidhi. Mishti wears Abir’s banjaran garments and goes. Parul says I will shroud shoes and lock entryway, you get Ketki. He goes. She bolts the entryway. Kuhu says Mishti simply understand this at any expense. Rajshri says where is Mishti. Meenakshi says I need to indicate you something, every one of the visitors can see marriage ceremonies from here. She demonstrates the wide screen. She says its Kunal’s thought. Rajshri likes the courses of action. Meenakshi thinks Mishti can’t do anything once Ketki gets hitched. Kunal searches for Mishti. Mishti shrouds her face. He goes to see her. He leaves when he finds out about Varmala. She stows away.

Mishti says Kunal won’t support me, in what manner will I stop this wedding. She reviews Abir’s words and gets energized. Meenakshi sends Varsha to get Ketki. She hears Rajshri and Shaurya adulating her family. She supposes once Ketki wedded, I won’t let Mishti and Kuhu’s shadow fall on this house. Parul gets out Mishti. Kuhu endeavors to talk in Mishti’s voice. Parul says Kuhu, what’s going on with you. Kuhu says we have no telephone, Mishti has gone to shower. Parul asks what. Kuhu says I made idiotic story, who will spare me now. Kunal says I don’t have a clue where is Mishti, I would prefer not to discover her. He sees Parul outside Ketki’s room and says what’s happening here. Mishti takes Varmala. She says a young lady is sitting tight for you outside, she professes to be your significant other. Ved stresses. She keeps running with his telephone. She says no Ved, I won’t let you converse with your first spouse, you need to forget mandap and come. Abir sees Mishti running.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Episode Update: Mishti says Ved has a spouse Kanchi. Ved gets furious. Abir stops Ved. He asks Mishti to call Kanchi. Meenakshi says if Mishti isn’t right, she will apologize to all of you.


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