Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Abir pronouncing Kunal is right here. Nanu asks Abir what occurred. Abir jokes to provide an explanation for Nanu. Nanu says this recreation is tough, just tell me. Abir asks him to bless all and sundry as antique people cross. Nanu asks Parul to offer the hoop to Kunal. Parul smiles and is going to offer the ring to Kunal. Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays… Kunal makes Kuhu put on the ring. anybody claps. Abir does shayari and sees Mishti. Abir and Mishti smile seeing every other. Varsha gives the hoop to Kuhu. Kuhu makes Kunal put on the hoop. absolutely everyone claps. Kuhu says I accept as true with you. Kunal says thank you. Abir says congratulations. Nanu says today in Kunal’s engagement, i have reaized that I m getting older, I don’t realize how much i’m able to stay with you all. Abir says you continually do drama. Nanu says I need to see all of us happy, I want the sangeet to be so grand that I consider it in heaven, who will fulfill my final wish. Abir says we can do this even if you don’t say. Nanu says I need Mishti and Abir to take obligation of this Sangeet. He unites their fingers. all and sundry smiles. Meenakshi worries.

Mishti sees the bangle and remembers Abir. She messages him that she is sorry. Abir calls her. She says video name and sits to answer. She says I need to have not talked to Kunal that way. He says its ok, Kunal has to understand that you did this for family, I want you were friends with Kunal. She asks is this your question. He says no, i’m able to assume and ask. She says Kunal and Kuhu’s marriage have to manifest now. Kunal and Kuhu have coffee. He says thanks for trusting me. She says i was very scared on seeing her, while that gold digger changed into coming to you and also you driven her, it turned into my lifestyles’s nice moment, I m sure you aren’t dishonest me. Meenakshi messages him and asks did you speak to her. Kuhu asks what befell. He says a person is threatening me, whilst you left, Shweta forcibly hugged me, someone is blackmailing me that person will leak the snap shots, that I m still involved with my ex. He indicates the images. Kuhu receives stunned. He says I swear, she compelled herself on me, Abir was there, you could ask him. She says no person is aware of about Shweta, it will be a big hassle, who is doing this. He says Mishti. She says impossible, she loves Rajshri and Vishwamber plenty, she gained’t do something such, she fought for our relation.

He says I knew you gained’t believe me. He gets a call from Abir. Abir asks in which are you, i was involved because of Shweta. Kunal places name on speaker. Kunal says I m now not dissatisfied due to Shweta. Abir asks are you disillusioned because of Mishti, she loves Kuhu lots, perhaps she became scare seeing Shweta. Kunal says i can come domestic. He ends call and says Mishti scolded me. Kuhu says she wasn’t scared for us. Kunal says we ought to make Abir consider us, Mishti is threatening me, I made her make an apology to mom, she is taking revenge, how are we going to prove this, those emails… She says i’m able to take a look at and affirm the mails. He says no, she gained’t ship emails via her identification. She asks what’s it, you fought with Shweta for me. He says its volatile task. She asks what is it.

Parul involves Meenakshi. Meenakshi disconnects name. She takes drugs and asks are you satisfied now, Kunal got engaged. Parul nods and says i have visible your alternatives changing, how did you convert for Kuhu, you don’t like her, how did you compromise, have you definitely widespread this relation, I just want to mention that I truly like Kuhu, Kunal and Kuhu make a wonderful pair but you don’t like them. Meenakshi asks her to be clear. Parul says I felt that…you are attempting to break this relation, don’t do this, allow Kunal relax. Meenakshi says you observed I m Kunal’s enemy, i like Abir and no longer Kunal, you don’t forget that Kunal is my son, i will do anything for my son’s happiness. Parul says I recognise. Meenakshi says then don’t talk such things, shut the door whilst you depart. Parul goes. Shweta says that guy will need cash first. cash.

Meenakshi says you’ll get money to offer him, ask him to do as I say. Kuhu says no way. Kunal says you adore me proper, you could do this. Shweta meets a man. Kuhu sees Mishti drowsing and types a mail. She says I m feeling scared. Mishti asks Kuhu not to make noise. Rajshri comes and asks Mishti to awaken. Mishti says no, let me sleep. Rajshri asks what shall I tell Abir, he’s awaiting you, he advised that you need to move for sangeet preparations, excellent in case you need to sleep. Mishti says i will are available in ten minutes. Rajshri says what happened to her all at once. Jasmeet asks Abir to devour greater. Abir says no, I m not hungry. Jasmeet says you have emerge as skinny, have food, i’ve a terrific idea, sangeet ought to have bhaangra dance. Abir says i’m able to inform Mishti. She says she gained’t pay attention to me as I call her an interloper. Rajshri asks her now not to problem Abir. Vishwamber blesses Abir and asks him to make some amazing plan.

Abir sees Mishti coming and smiles. Vishwamber says I want every person to smile. Abir says I need the same. Varsha says there’s a bundle for you. Vishwamber exams. He reads the snap shots will attain newspapers day after today. They get taken aback seeing Shweta and Kunal’s images. He asks what’s all this, who is this girl, tell me. Abir says Kunal became going to get engaged to her closing yr. Vishwamber asks engagement? Rajshri says Kunal was wearing these clothes yesterday, who’s this woman. Abir says i’m able to inform you. Mishti says let Abir finish talking first. Jasmeet says a person is calling Kuhu a wife and different one a mistress. Vishwamber says we have to find out, i can name Shaurya. Abir calls and says a person is trying to defame my family, I need your contacts. Mishti says who’s doing this.

Precap: The man says I got the email from Mishti. They get stunned.


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