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The Episode begins with Mishti sitting tight for Ved. She checks his telephone and sees call log. She says I m beyond any doubt its his significant other. She checks the pic and thinks its a similar young lady. Abir looks on. Mishti goes to make a call. Abir pulls her. Her turban falls. Her hair get free. He takes a gander at her. He says you stole my garments. She asks do you confide in me. He says we ought to go, pheras are beginning. We need to go, else we will miss the first round. She requests that he answer. He says I believe you a great deal. She says then don’t think, ask Parul to open Ketki’s room entryway.

Kunal asks Parul what is she doing here. Kuhu hears her and requests that her get her out, Parul has bolted her. Kunal says no one is going to leave until I know reality. Kuhu says let me go, do you confide in me. He says no, disclose to me reality. Abir says Kunal, let her go, I had guaranteed Mishti that I will discover Kuhu. Kuhu expresses gratitude toward Abir and goes. Kunal asks what’s going on, Parul was guarding the room, Kuhu was bolted. He goes. Kuhu comes and sees Ved and Ketki in the mandap. Kuhu hangs tight for Mishti. Ved stresses and says I need to go washroom. Meenakshi says man of the hour will return right away, pandit ji begin different customs. Ved goes. Kuhu looks on.

She asks the videographer to accompany her. Ved goes out and yells Kanchi. Mishti says Ketki is in mandap and you are getting out Kanchi. Abir asks what’s reality. Meenakshi says I will let you know. Parul says I attempted my best. Abir says you will observer yourself how she ruins your sister’s life. They hear Mishti’s voice and go to see. They see Mishti on the projector screen. Mishti and Kuhu ask Ved who is Kanchi. Mishti says you figured you will destroy Ketki’s life and we won’t tell anybody, your diversion is finished. Kuhu says you bamboozled Ketki, you officially hitched bold husband to be. Kunal goes to them.

Mishti says I have seen Ved with his significant other. Ved says its false. Everybody comes there. Mishti says Ved is as of now hitched, I have seen him in sanctuary, I even checked his telephone, I took his telephone to check. Ved chides her. Abir asks Ved to more readily think before proceeding. Kunal asks what will Mishti get by accusing at this point. Ved says I would prefer not to converse with anybody, I m leaving. Kuhu says you realize you are uncovered, you are hitched, you are lying. Abir asks Ved to call Kanchi. He asks Mishti to call her. Ved says enough at this point. Mrs. Parekh asks Meenakshi does she doesn’t have anything to state. Meenakshi says if your child is right, let Mishti call the young lady, if Mishti isn’t right, she will apologize to all of you, is that alright, Mishti.

Mishti says I m not off-base. Mishti takes the telephone and calls Kanchi. They hear the telephone ringung and swing to see. They see Kanchi. Kanchi asks Ved to answer her, is she his genuine romance and spouse or not, how might he wed another person. Mrs. Parekh chastens Mishti for getting somebody liar here. Kanchi says I m not a liar, Ved wedded me, you ask him. Ved attempts to run. Abir and Kunal get him. Vishwamber quiets them down. Meenakshi helps Ved. He expresses profound gratitude, I will let you know everything. She slaps him. Ketki asks what’s going on. Rajshri inquires as to why such a significant number of untruths, youaren’t supporting the one you adore and not by any means Ketki, why this dramatization. Varsha says Mrs. Parekh, I completed a mix-up by confiding in you. Bau ji says you said Ved concurred for marriage, we ought to have addressed him. Nidhi says even Ketki said yes without gathering her, since her home older folks revealed to her that person and family are pleasant, all of you tricked her, it was great that Ketki run off and didn’t return home.

Mrs. Parekh says Kanchi isn’t my bahu. Meenakshi yells on her. She says Ketki consented to wed Ved without gathering him, don’t think her integrity and qualities are silliness, simply leave with your family and relatives. We are canceling this union, you aren’t deserving of my girl, my children are controlling their displeasure, since they regard older folks, before my children lose their control on their outrage, simply get out. Kunal chastens Ved. Rajshri apologizes to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says if Mishti and Kuhu didn’t do this current, Ketki’s life would have destroyed, much appreciated. Abir expresses gratitude toward Mishti. Vishwamber says we will leave. Abir gets miserable and embraces Ketki. He does shayari and thinks about Ketki’s agony. He reassures Ketki. He says it was your good karma, you got spared. Abir says not any more crying now, I read a decent shayari, grin a bit. Meenakshi says Mrs. Parekh, I won’t overlook this and won’t you let overlook this, you have endeavored to wrong my family, I can’t release this, presently your business will soak in misfortunes, I guarantee you. She reviews Mishti’s words and supposes you didn’t do directly by conflicting with me, Mishti.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Episode Update: Kuhu says Meenakshi secured us Ketki’s room. Vishwamber says it implies she knew this and she concurred. Kunal and Abir go up against Meenakshi.


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