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The Episode begins with Varsha asking Kuhu how could you know Ved was lying. She says in the event that you knew Ved is hitched, for what reason didn’t you let me know previously. Vishwamber says the issue ought to have not turned out along these lines. Kuhu says it wasn’t my deficiency. Varsha asks did Mishti ask you not to tell anybody. Kuhu says no, Meenakshi had secured us Ketki’s room, we needed to sit and talk. He asks what, did Meenakshi know this and still she concurred for marriage. Shaurya asks in what capacity would this be able to occur. Varsha says we didn’t feel so. Mishti says Meenakshi wasn’t prepared to trust us. Rajshri says we would have not approached you for evidence on the off chance that you let us know, you both made the best choice yet the technique wasn’t right. Mishti says I comprehend, I m sorry.

Vishwamber says Ketki has never met Ved, in the event that she addressed him, this would have not been covered up, such things can’t be left on destiny, we approve of Mishti’s condition. Kaushal says such a major extortion occurred with us. Abir says we got spared, we ought to celebrate. Kaushal says we won’t leave Parekh family. Kunal says Abir is correct, we ought to be cheerful, if Ketki got hitched, we would have tragic. Abir says Kunal and I have chosen to take all of you to farmhouse, I have likewise orchestrated a people move set up. Atul says I will do SRK present. Abir and Atul present. Nidhi says I need to go to outing. Bau ji says I loved the thought. Meenakshi says we will do however you see fit, will have go on the off chance that all of you need.

Meenakshi approaches Nidhi not to shed tears for misrepresentation individuals. Nidhi gets pitiful and says if Mishti hadn’t spared Ketki, Ketki’s life would have over. Meenakshi brightens her up and embraces. Everybody grins. Nidhi says thanks to her. Meenakshi says remain upbeat, will we go now. Parul says the house where there are children resemble, it can never be dismal, Abir says genuine satisfaction comes when individuals are daring and talk heart out, right, disclose to us for what reason did you lock Kuhu in room. Parul says I didn’t do anything. Abir says swear on me. Kuhu says Ved has put his pic with his better half, I wish there was an application to slap him. Mishti says I wish we were with Ketki now. Kuhu says I will call her. Mishti says its late. Parul says how might we trust those young ladies. Kunal says they didn’t had confirmation, Ketki’s life would have demolished. She is sorry.

Kunal says sorry to learn, I would prefer not to see your face. Abir inquires as to whether the marriage occurred. Kunal says I will converse with mum. Abir signs no. Mishti hears Abir asking Ketki to accompany him, whatever happened isn’t great. Mishti thinks for what reason was Abir seeming like this. She asks Kuhu to call tomorrow, else she will tell Varsha. Meenakshi asks where is everybody, I know they all cried. Nidhi says nobody reveals to me anything, for what reason didn’t anybody let me know. She cries. Kaushal says stop it now, its been 24 years, I disclosed her to talk and after that cry, she does it both at one go. Meenakshi comes and asks what is it. Nidhi leaves. Bau ji says I will have nourishment in my room. Kaushal says I will feast with father. She asks what’s the issue. Abir, Atul and Kunal endeavor to cheer Ketki. Meenakshi comes to call them for supper. They leave.

Mishti says don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s going on there, Abir likes retro occasions, he doesn’t have a cell phone, how would I converse with him now. She sees red inflatables and considers Abir. Meenakshi requests that workers keep the things in the vehicle. She requests that everybody come quick. Kunal comes and says you thought about Ved, Mishti let you know everything and you didn’t stop the marriage. She asks Abir did he do this. Abir says yes. Kunal says I needed to ask you, I couldn’t envision that you would hazard Ketki’s life.

She says no, I had sent Ved and his family when I became acquainted with. Nidhi inquires as to for what reason didn’t you let me know, Meenakshi is the oldest, she takes every one of the choices, she puts everything in order, however Ketki is my little girl, I ought to have appropriate to choose for her life, for what reason didn’t you let me know. Parul says we asked Mrs. Parekh, she denied, how might we know… Bau ji says we are not dependable, we are not to blame Parul, in the event that anybody told a wonder such as this, at that point the family ought to have known it, Meenakshi didn’t let me know. Kunal says Abir didn’t wish us to talk, Ketki would get resentful. Nidhi says its great Mishti didn’t lose and brought reality out. Kaushal says we ought to be appreciative to Mishti and Kuhu.

Kunal says we are quiet for Ketki, we acknowledge our mix-up, its better that you acknowledge your mix-up as well. Kaushal and Nidhi goes. Yeh rishte… ..plays… .. Meenakshi cries. Mishti says I realize this is in all respects senseless, my companion is concerned, on the off chance that he grins, he will make whole family grin, make the inflatables reach Abir. She leaves expands in the sky. Abir does shayari. Jugnu gets the inflatables and says somebody left this outside. Abir grins and says Mishti… . Mishti says whether somebody comprehends or not, I get embarrassment, don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s going on there. She calls and says Abir doesn’t keep telephone and other doesn’t answer the call. She supposes how would I get down the gallery, I figure I should hop down, how, for the most part individuals break their bones by hopping. She reviews Abir’s words and says on the off chance that I get injured, Abir will be dependable. She wears the hood and bounces out the gallery. She says omg, I did it. Kuhu looks on and says prevent her from returning and complete a supernatural occurrence, I will stop compensate for seven days. Meenakshi says Mishti isolated my family from me… ..

Precap Upcoming Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Episode Update: Abir says when destiny needs to join you with somebody, it makes possibilities. Abir embraces Mishti. Mrs. Parekh looks on. She comes to Maheshwari family and says Mishti is singing affection melodies with another person, than Kunal.


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