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The Episode starts with Meenakshi recalling the past. She comes domestic with Abir, whilst she got here to handle the residence matters and business. She takes promise from Kaushal. She says you realize Kaushal, not anything is imp to me than my own family, now not even myself. Bau ji says every son is in the back of in comparison to a daughter like you. Meenakshi says the entirety gets first-rate. Abir asks while will dad come. She says don’t fear, he’ll come quickly, till the entirety receives satisfactory, i’m able to not pass anywhere, i’m able to clear the stain on my Maayka. facebook ends. Abir says dad in no way got here. Meenakshi says I had known as him however he never came. He says we should have lower back to him.

She asks how, your Nanu and this residence needed me, I had to pick between my husband and dad. He says as a minimum you had a desire, I didn’t have whatever,what’s this, I just got sorrow. She says this was the choice of your dad, he left us and went away. She cries. He goes. She seems for him and says Abir….. Parul sees her. Meenakshi says Abir isn’t right here, you are surely here. Parul says i will constantly be with you, every body will understand you one day. Meenakshi hugs her.
Mrs. Parekh is on a call. She sees Mishti riding a cycle. She says my son’s marriage broke because of her, where is she going at night. She asks driver to observe Mishti. Mishti comes to a few area and sees the tent, red balloons and bonfire. She runs to the tent and says I wanted to talk to you, Kunal would be thinking that I embarrassed him, I m really sorry. She tests in and doesn’t find him. She appears around.

Parul looks after Bau ji. He asks how lengthy will you serve this own family. She says as long as i’m able to. He blesses her. She says Meenakshi didn’t do something deliberately, how may want to she make a baraat depart by means of believing anyone, she did this for own family, will you forgive her this time. Kunal comes and says please move, i’m able to take care of Nanu, we know what to do with our circle of relatives. Parul apologizes and is going. Jugnu asks Kaushal to look, what’s Nidhi doing. Nidhi burns Ketki’s bridal dress. He asks are you mad, Meenakshi will see. She says Meenakshi chose the wrong man, I don’t want some thing. She cries. He hugs her. She says not anything is over, it commenced, my goals were given over, this smoke will reach Meenakshi’s eyes, Mishti will cross in opposition to Meenakshi, then Meenakshi will keep in mind that one could’t manage over children’s happiness, then she will recognize this pain.

Abir sits talking to his dad. fb shows Abir’s dad saying I also want this, however your mum…. i can come back. Abir says please don’t pass. His dad is going. fb ends. Abir does shayari. He says why didn’t you come, did you go away us, come returned. Mishti comes. Abir hugs her. Mrs. Parekh looks on bowled over. Abir says I m sorry. Mishti says its k. He says I feel like a movie star, I feel I even have a stalker. She says this isn’t always referred to as stalking but being concerned for a friend, you’re abnormal, you received’t apprehend. She asks how are you. He says superb. She asks how is Kunal. He says he can’t hide matters from me, don’t fear. She says his smartphone was unreachable. He says whilst fate has to deliver people together, it makes them meet any way. She looks at him. He says you have to move. She says sure. He says you shouldn’t come right now of night time without informing at home. She asks how do you understand, you’re responsible for this. He asks what did I do. She says you are so adorable, you don’t preserve smartphone, how could I speak to you. He says don’t get violent. She laughs and says I want you and your family to smile. He says my mum gained’t smile. She says you are impossible. He says you’re top notch, you did this for Ketki. She says I learnt from you, deep friendship subjects. He says nice.

Mrs. Parekh involves Maheshwari house and shouts Varsha. She says you all are dozing after ruining my own family peace. Varsha says we didn’t do something. Mrs. Parekh says but your daughter did. Varsha says Mishti and Kuhu weren’t at fault, if Ved become in love with someone else, you’ll have understood him, he would have now not performed this. Mrs. Parekh says you all want to lecture, Mishti’s alliance went for Kunal, she is making a song love songs with a person else, Kuhu is rejected, ask where is Mishti. Rajshri says Mishti is in her room, Kuhu pass and contact her. Kuhu signs no. Mrs. Parekh says Mishti is outside, you all have closed your eyes. Shaurya says you leave their worry on us. She says I came to give an explanation for this, its easy to explain others, your upbringing is inaccurate. Vishwamber says the day turned into not suitable for absolutely everyone, you ought to take rest and think of Kanchi, whom Ved married, our circle of relatives is aware of to accept and rectify errors. Mrs. Parekh leaves. Rajshri asks Kuhu where is Mishti, isn’t she in her room. Kuhu says no.

Mishti says yes, i will ride the cycle faster. Abir says race. She says don’t cry after losing. they have got a cycle race. He says thieves are fast, however not faster than Banjaras. He wins and says irritated thief has lost. She says SRK has said, one that loses and wins is called Baazigar. He asks why did you win. She asks why shall I say. He drops her home and thank you her. She jokes and says deal with Ketki, it is going to be difficult for her to move on. He says I agree, i will try that she forgets the whole lot, concentrate, one race is pending. She says no, I don’t want to lose. He says I don’t need you to lose intentionally, i will make you lose next time. She says it become friendship bargain. He says thank you for turning into my friend. They keep fingers. Vishwamber calls out Mishti.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Episode Update: Vishwamber meets Abir. He says I didn’t know you are Mishti’s buddy. Abir says i used to be harm and Mishti saved me. Vishwamber says live away from Mishti. Kaushal says Meenakshi isn’t always everywhere. Abir says mum doesn’t need us to discover her.


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