Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Vishwamber and own family speaking about Rajvansh rejecting Kuhu. Varsha cries. Shaurya says i’m able to name them and refuse. Vishwamber says we don’t need to maintain any relations with them. Mishti says Kuhu is nowhere. Atul says this lady doesn’t love every body, i can go to her and tell her that…. Kaushal asks him to behave nicely and recall the lines. Ketki says Atul should get suitable position in serial. Nidhi says i will say my lines and display. She acts. Meenakshi comes and asks what’s this drama. Nidhi says clearly…. Kaushal says not anything. Abir asks Nidhi to do drama like mum, at others’ residence. Meenakshi says I didn’t do some thing wrong. Kaushal is going. Abir says a female isn’t any thing, however a human with coronary heart and admire, what if anyone rejects my sister this manner then… Meenakshi says then what, i can’t do incorrect with Kunal, Kuhu isn’t right for Kunal. Abir says no girl is proper for Kunal according to you. She says I refused to Kuhu, I didn’t refuse to alliance, I asked for Mishti’s hand, who is proper for Kunal. Abir gets taken aback.

Jasmeet says Kuhu is nowhere. Varsha cries and says i might have not known as them here if I knew this. Shaurya consoles her. Meenakshi says Kuhu is not my responsibility, Kunal’s happiness is my duty, I assume he’s going to stay happy with Mishti. Abir turns to move. Kunal says wait. Meenakshi says Abir received’t recognize, however Kunal you will understand it. He says sure, however I don’t agree, you have to have no longer rejected Kuhu in front of everybody. She says you’re proper, in case you see it from my point of view, you’ll realize, I just chose Mishti, not reject Kuhu, I felt Mishti is the ideal healthy for you. Bau ji says they wanted Kunal to marry Kuhu. Meenakshi says Kuhu, Kuhu…. what incorrect did I do, each person of their life must face rejection, all of us confronted rejection. She offers examples. She name callings Abir. She asks Kunal to inform his decision. Kunal says i’m able to marry the female chosen by you, I gained’t make any selection without asking you, but you shouldn’t have taken this large decision without my consent, its all taking place for me. Abir is going and feels unhappy.

Kuhu cries. Mishti involves her and says I m sorry for all this. Kuhu asks her now not to act splendid and sacrificing. She says we’ve got constantly been competing, you should be happy to head in advance to me. Mishti says lifestyles isn’t a opposition, there may be just happiness or sorrow, I gained’t throw a party seeing you unhappy. Kuhu says you have stepped into my life and were given the entirety first, its a wedding thought today. Kaushal receives Kunal’s London tickets. Meenakshi says none need to understand this at domestic, what have been Atul and Nidhi doing right here when I entered the residence. He says they’re mad, depart it, am i able to ask you something, what passed off at the lady’s area. She asks him to control small troubles. He goes. Kuhu cries and says Rajshri knew I m right here, the day they got you home, it became my birthday, no person asked me a way to have a good time and asked you, Rajshri got me right here and stated that is our place, see you’ve got come right here too. Mishti says all of us loves you. Kuhu says but less than you, if your dad is a horrific guy, what’s my mistake, they awareness on negative Mishti. Mishti says I m no longer poor.

Parul asks Meenakshi to have drug treatments. Meenakshi says human beings will make memories, I m sending Kunal to London for some days, I need a bahu who’s visible but now not heard, I don’t want Kuhu to put our relations at stake. Parul says I don’t suppose they may comply with this. Meenakshi says that is exactly what I wanted, if absolutely everyone do what we want, residence will shatter, residence is controlled whilst one holds the energy to run it, Abir will recognise, a son may additionally grow up, however he’ll constantly be a child in the front of mum.

Mishti says sorry. Kuhu says you snatched my circle of relatives, my dad, my domestic and my happiness and now my marriage thought, you’re similar to your dad, he snatched cash from Rajshri, you are equal like him. Mishti shouts close up, you could’t say anything. Kuhu says your dad did a drama and nowadays you probably did. Mishti says I got here here to proportion your ache. Varsha looks on and cries. Kuhu hugs her. Varsha asks her to return with her. Kuhu runs. Mishti says Kuhu said I m like my dad. Varsha says she is inaccurate, you didn’t do proper, its a terrible day for her, you must have overlooked her words as an elder sister, you bought kiddish and fought with her. She is going. Mishti cries.

Abir sits sad. Servant says i’m able to get you a pleasing cup of tea. Abir thinks of Mishti. He says residence is one where one gets hurt and every body feels pain, now not like our family, right here anyone lives with their personal problems.

Precap: Abir leaves the house once more. Mishti is on the manner. She meets with an coincidence. Abir receives stunned seeing her.


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