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Kangana Ranaut is popular on social media due to her outspoken lyrics. She has been continuously speaking her life openly since the suicide of Kangana Ranaut Sushant Singh Rajput these days. Kangana has said that there is a nepotism in Bollywood responsible for Sushant’s death and Kangana Ranaut in a TV interview made sensational allegations on Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt and Aditya Chopra. After this statement of Kangana, there is a constant debate about nepotism from Bollywood to social media. Meanwhile, Kangana has taken a statement about Kareena Kapoor’s nepotism and criticized it openly. Kangna’s team tweeted on Twitter and also asked many questions to Kareena.

Recently, in an interview with Kareena said that for 21 years, I have not been able to survive in the film industry only because of nepotism. Yes, it is not possible. Because I can make a long list of children of superstars who could not do this. They have not got everything because of the family background. Kareena says that she does not think that what she has found is just due to being tagged by the Kapoor family. She says it takes hard work to survive anywhere, which I have also done.

As soon as Kareena made such a statement, the team of Quinn Kangna took a lot of tweets from her social account and took Kareena with her. In these tweets, Kangana Ranaut team wrote, ‘Yes, Kareena ji, the audience made you rich and famous but they did not know that you will make Bollywood Bollywood after getting success. Tell me, why did your friend ask Kangana to leave the industry? ‘

In another tweet, it is written that why Sushant was banned in production houses? After all, why did he call Kangana a witch and Sushant a rapist? After all, why does your system call Kangana and Sushant a bipolar? After all, why did your Napo kids commit a criminal case by promising marriage? After all, why Kangana and Sushant were left alone in Bollywood and not invited to any party? Nobody even wished on his film release or birthday or success. ‘

In another tweet, Kangana’s team wrote, ‘Warning to all nepotism kids, don’t stray topic. We have no problem with the benefits you get, our problem is how you treat us, Sushant has been murdered because of your teasing and factionalism. You guys called him a rapist and he cried too but you never praised him for his work. Let’s talk about this. How many films you have done or how much dressage you have is not a topic. Come to the point of issue.

CBI will now solve the death of Lal and actor Sushant Singh Rajput from Bihar. On the orders of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the recommendation of CBI investigation of Rajiv Nagar police station no. 241/20 was sent to the Central Government on Tuesday. Earlier, the state police headquarters prepared its proposal. It is believed that soon the CBI can initiate investigation by registering a new FIR in this case.

CBI can investigate on these points CBI can investigate Sushant Singh Rajput’s death on several points. According to experts, first of all Sushant’s death is suicide or murder. If he committed suicide, what is the reason for this. Was there a syndicate behind it that troubled Sushant so much that he committed suicide. Or some people living with him, under the conspiracy, forced him to commit suicide. What role did Sushant’s close female friend Riya Chakravarthy play in the whole incident. Who could have benefited from this suicide and what happened to the money transferred from his bank account. There are many questions that the CBI will try to find the answer. Sushant’s manager, Disha Salian’s death may also be investigated, as it is said that Sushant was upset after the incident.

The FIR was translated into English The CID made an English translation of the FIR lodged at the Rajeevnagar police station to recommend a CBI inquiry. After this the proposal of recommendation was prepared and sent to the Home Department. On Tuesday afternoon, the Home Department sent a recommendation to the Central Government to investigate the case with the CBI.

Sushant’s father has filed a case regarding Sushant’s alleged suicide, his father Krishna Kishore Singh has lodged a case number 241/20 at Rajivnagar police station in Patna. This FIR was lodged on 25 July. It has sections of sections 341, 342, 380, 406, 306, 420, 506 and 120 (B) of the IPC. Six people have been nominated, including Sushant’s female friend and actress Riya Chakraborty, her parents and brother. It has been recommended to investigate this case with the CBI.

A four-member team of the Patna police has been commissioned to investigate the case registered at the Rajivnagar police station due to the non-cooperation of the Mumbai Police . Mumbai police was not cooperating with the investigation team. Subsequently, IPS officer and City SP (Central) Patna Patna Vinay Tiwari was sent to Mumbai, but BMC forcibly quarantined him citing the rules. There was a lot of resentment in the state government and Bihar Police about this. Meanwhile, Sushant’s family demanded a CBI inquiry into the case.


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