Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Nanu saying the birthday party is of children. Kunal asks what are you doing. Parul says i used to be your shadow and i m nonetheless. Meenakshi says then you definitely learn how to stay at the back of, I gave you lots, a very good function within the residence, you are questioning me. Parul says I don’t want any role, simply answer my question, are you going to break this alliance as nicely. Meenakshi says you want to live inside your limits, else i’m able to ship you to the village proper now, I swear, i’m able to ask Kunal to do it. Parul says no. Meenakshi says i have executed loads for you and this circle of relatives, for Kunal, if you don’t believe me and question me, I gained’t honour all and sundry.

Abir says its your ultimate day as a loose bird, become like us. Atul says shall we drink the fruit punch. anyone beverages. They get drunk. Kunal says i used to be constantly the screen, what do backbenchers do, I don’t know. Abir says they break the regulations, no policies at all. Nanu says no critical talks today. Kunal says then what. Atul says we will dance. A woman dances on Ankh maare…. they dance with her. Mishti, Kuhu and all the women dance inside the bird’s birthday party. Abir imagines Mishti, coming dressed in a yellow saree. He is going to her and says Mishti…. i love you. She smiles. He kisses her fingers. Nanu says i love you too. Kunal says i like you three. Kaushal says i like you four. Nidhi says I don’t love Atul, i really like Ketki plenty. Abir says Nidhi is quality to fake love. Kunal says no, I m pretending to be in love with… Nanu jokes that Meenakshi has come and says I fooled you. Abir says its april’s idiot. Kunal says nobody is paying attention to me, its exceptional, i will pass and inform Kuhu. He goes. Abir says I want to meet Mishti. Nanu says when you near eyes, you’ll meet her, each person need to near eyes, Abir will open eyes after I say, else the witch will come. Abir says sure right, okay. Kunal takes a cycle. Jugnu says prevent, its my cycle. Kunal says you may ride it. Jugnu says I don’t drink and pressure. Kunal says come on, nothing will take place. They go away.

Mishti comes there and says why isn’t Kunal answering. Kunal says forestall, who went in. Jugnu says you had been going. Kunal says i love you, shall we pass. Jugnu shouts. Mishti sees Jugnu leaving. Abir asks while will magic take place. Nanu says right here is the magic, open your eyes now. Abir opens eyes and sees Mishti. She asks wherein is Kunal. Rajshri shows necklace to Kuhu from Jasmeet’s aspect. Kuhu says its so good. Varsha indicates her get dressed. Rajshri says that’s your present. Kuhu sees Kunal inside the balcony. Varsha asks didn’t you like the surprise. Rajshri says she didn’t adore it. Kuhu says the get dressed is beautiful, my Dadi is coolest, i can try the get dressed and are available. Varsha and Jasmeet say we can help you. Kuhu says i can control and strive the get dressed. She goes to Kunal.

Mishti says that is your room, I came to meet Kunal. Abir says you have got come to satisfy me. She asks are you under the influence of alcohol. He says sure, i used to be missing you. She says don’t recite poetry while you are drunk. He says I recognise you can’t drive whilst you are drunk but i can praise you, right. He praises her and asks why are you so stunning, you don’t need to mention whatever? He makes a unhappy face and says say some thing. Naata mera…..plays…. She kisses on his cheek. He smiles and stops her. They collapse on the mattress. they have an eyelock. She receives her glasses. He makes her put on it. Kunal gets harm. Kuhu says sorry, what are you doing here. He says my head is spinning, I m nice, but international is transferring so fast. She says this party is the fine celebration, just like movie, hero is available in heroine’s room secretly and then… He asks then…

She says you would be knowing it now, you would have seen films. He says yes, terminator, commando, rambo, there wasn’t such scenes. She says we can see roms coms after marriage. He says i have to inform some thing imp, pay attention carefully. She says tell me. He says I want to tell you what I experience, I m now not able to say it when I look into your eyes, I m misunderstood like you, human beings call me stone hearted, that’s not me, I too experience horrific, I got here to mention the truth. Abir says I m not able to explicit it, after I want the words, they aren’t helping me, so I m saying absolutely, Mishti I….. Kunal holds Kuhu’s hand and says I… Mishti says no Abir, I need to cross. Abir says I m falling in… listen to me, be quiet. She makes him away and says you have to to head sleep. Abir rests in her lap and says when i used to be a infant, mum used to make me sleep. Mishti remembers Abir’s words. She makes him sleep. She says you constantly provide me a cause to smile. She hears Meenakshi and concerns.

Precap: Abir says I think someone is stopping her. Nanu asks who is preventing you, you tell me. Abir says i’m able to profess my love. Meenakshi says you may tell everyone that Varsha isn’t Kuhu’s mum.


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