Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Mishti hearing Meenakshi. Meenakshi sees anyone and asks them to stand up. She asks are you all inebriated, who were given the alcohol. Nidhi talks nonsense. She says don’t make any noise, else Meenakshi will come, she is a merciless woman. Meenakshi shouts Nidhi…. Mishti says Meenakshi aunty…. Abir says don’t make me wait, if i’m going, you won’t be capable of locate me. Nidhi says while you will come back to senses, you will remorse. Meenakshi says don’t imitate me, what a shame, in which are Kunal and Abir. Mishti gets far from Abir. Kunal says I don’t love love, its stupid emotion, I feel why to assume negative after I see you, you’re so happy and superb while you stay with Mishti, how.

Meenakshi says Abir is sleeping, I need to see Kunal. She asks where is Kunal. Jugnu says he went to satisfy Kuhu. She thinks he may additionally tell something. Kuhu asks Kunal become he angry on Mishti. He says this is taking place due to her, if Mishti didn’t are available our lives, it would had been distinctive, its all a drama. Meenakshi is on the manner. She asks are you quality. He says sure, I m right here to tell Kuhu the whole lot. She says depart from there and come home. He says no. She says I m telling you. He says no, no…. and disconnects. She says if Kunal well-knownshows everything earlier than I attain….
Meenakshi says her telephone is off, Kunal will make the whole lot incorrect, what shall I do. Kuhu says I understand you love me too, I want you to profess this to me. Kunal says I got here to speak about this, when you consider that Shweta left me, I used to hate even romantic songs, you know, I locked myself in my room in the course of last two valentines. Jasmeet comes and says stuck you. She says sure Meenakshi, Kunal is here.

Varsha says I don’t assume Abir and Kunal will drink. Meenakshi says its wrong that he has come right here this way. Jasmeet receives Kunal downstairs. Kunal hugs Meenakshi and says i like you. Meenakshi says I m sorry on his behalf, i can cross now. Jasmeet jokes. Meenakshi sees Mishti and says day after today is a unique day. She is going with Kunal.

Kuhu teases Rajshri and Varsha. Jasmeet says Kunal proved his love. Mishti thinks of Meenakshi’s words. Nanu involves awaken Abir and needs him desirable morning. Abir says Mishti, what are you doing. Nanu says I realize I look younger, but i’m hoping you understand my gender, I m Nanu, now not Mishti. Abir receives up. Nanu says Kaushal added alcohol in fruit punch. Abir recollects Mishti and says she had come here at night time, in my room. Nanu says you had been under the influence of alcohol. Abir says no, she had come. Nanu jokes.

Abir says she become right here. Nanu asks what did you do, did you profess your love. Abir says I tried, I feel she is near me and still away, she is preventing herself, you are right, nothing will happen being appropriate boy, there’s one way to profess emotions, i will profess my feelings in the front of everybody. They get a video. They see Meenakshi and Nidhi’s argument. Nidhi comes and says Atul had sent the video to anyone, Meenakshi will now not depart us. Kunal asks who did this, i’d have informed the truth to Kuhu. She says its true, Maheshwaris accept as true with which you love Kuhu, now Mishti has to listen to us. Mishti calls Abir and says don’t recognise how he is. Meenakshi says i will strive again. Abir and Nanu come and take their telephones. Nidhi receives the smartphone and deletes the video.

Abir says get ready soon, we should take mehendi and visit Maheshwari house. Meenakshi says no, simply ladies will pass. Nanu says men and women are same, there won’t be any gender bias in mehendi function. Abir says sure. Meenakshi says guys will even be a part of us, excellent. Jugnu says Abir, Mishti is calling you. Meenakshi says I m sure there may be some thing imp. Abir says sure. Meenakshi says that’s why her wide variety become busy. Mishti says Abir can be right here with family, i’m able to talk to him, but Meenakshi will also come. Ananya comes. Mishti hugs her. She says it will likely be wonder whilst we enter from lower back door. Mishti says yes, lets go. She receives Abir’s calls. She disconnects. Ananya says it need to be your BF. Mishti says no, I haven’t any BF.

She asks Ananya to sit down right here for a while. Ananya takes her cellphone and solutions. She says its Kunal’s mum. Meenakshi asks did you name Abir. Meenakshi says I asked you to stay away from Abir, I m asking some thing. Mishti says I called to invite while r you coming, I m not asking you, but telling you. Ananya asks why did you get scared. Mishti says no, its Kuhu’s in laws, I ought to be extra polite. Ananya asks is she indignant about engagement. Mishti says she can always be. Ananya says you invited me here to marvel Kuhu, thanks and i really like you. Mishti says i love you too. Mishti recalls Meenakshi’s phrases. She thinks very quickly, anybody will hate me, i am hoping you don’t forget this love.

Precap: Abir says you have two days to head, you will say it or i will say. Mishti sees Varsha and forestalls her.


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