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Asmita and Ridoy have a go at finding the ring. Shan says I think they dont’ adore one another. They can’t discover the ring. That is the thing that occurs in deficient marriageds. rIdoy tosses the bow in indignation. Shan picks the ring. Ridoy holds Asmita’s hand and says nobody can part us. Asmita says you are correct.

Beauty comes. moushmi says what are you doing here. She says I was stating you went to sona gachi and got a young lady in this house. What was issue with Beauty? I am lady of the hour as well. Acknowledge me. Ravindra says you will never be a piece of this house. You can never be invited here. Nevi says I will greet here. I will do her greh parvesh. Magnificence grins. Ravindra says would you say you are in your faculties? She says yes I am. On the off chance that you think I am a piece of this house you need to keep my regard and let me do this. Trust me I realize for what reason am I doing this. Neel says she could never be my better half. Beauty says I am your better half at any rate. Ravindra says leave. Nevi says I will slaughter myself on the off chance that you don’t give magnificence access this house. She picks poison. Ridoy says mom what’s going on with you. Ravindra says do what you need. He leaves in displeasure. Beauty says I am written in your destiny. Asmita ponders what show is this.

Beauty says to asmita somebody from your family is here. ASmita says on the off chance that you do anything to my family I wont release you. Beauty says I realize what you’re here for. ASmita says I dislike you. My eyes are on you. Magnificence says in the event that you come in my manner I wont give you a chance to live. Shan says to magnificence don’t set out interfering with me and asmita. She says you are Paro’s better half. Shan says no legitimately.

Asmita gives Ridoy medication. He holds her hand and says you are all I need. Asmita says I need to go. Asmita goes to rest room. She says in heart what will I do in this house. In what capacity will I be Ridoy’s better half. Ridooy hangs tight for her.

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Precap Upcoming Yeh Teri Galiyan Episode Update: Asmita pushes Shan. He says you have no connection with Shan.


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