Yeh Teri Galiyan 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Asmita comes in and says father.. She sees him in stun. Asmit says your father? Thaku mama says he is there for her. Asmita says I realized you would sell out however this soon. Thaku mama says what are you discussing. He says thank you thaku mama you got my little girl such a hero. Nothing could easily compare to her. Ridoy leaves in displeasure. He says Shan keep my girl upbeat. As far back as she returned to my life everything showed signs of improvement.

Asmita goes to her room and cries. She says how might he do this. He deceived me once more. Ridoy says quiet down. aSmita says I shouldn’t have believed him He sold us in sona gachi. You requested that I confide in him by and by. You took me to him. He said beti. Asmita said dont’ call me beti. You sent me to those avenues. Do you by any chance comprehend what life there resembles. chanda and my mother made me my identity today. You left us there. You were never my dad. I just had a mother. You are an evil spirit. He said I am your delinquent Forgive me. I didn’t have a way. It would be ideal if you excuse me I realize you can’t excuse me. I need to accomplish something for you. I need to tell everybody you are my puchki. ASmita says you could never be mine. He said ridoy let me know everything. Asmita said I can’t confide in you. Ridou said asmita please we need to confide in him to uncover nandani.

Asmita says I shouldn’t have confided in him. He is a liar. He comes upstairs with thaku and says I didn’t lie. Nandani is my little girl. She is my stepdaughter. She is the little girl of the lady I wedded when I left your mother. I wedded her mom. she passed on and left me a ton of riches. I dealt with nandani consequently. I won’t’ let you take Shan from Nandani. Thaku mama says won’t you do that for your progression mother? Ridoy says how low would you be able to stoop. He says this is our family matter, Asmita says don’t state that word. I won’t let Nandani have Shan. I will battle to get him back. I will likewise retaliate for my mom’s tears. You can do what you need. Nobody can part Shan from his Puchki that is my test.

Shan is outside He reviews what Nandani did. Shan says by what method can Puchki adore her dad? She detested him. Is everything part of a trick? How might she excuse him? These dabs don’t associate. Shan reviews his minutes with Puchki. Shan’s head harms. He says where have I seen Asmita previously? He holds his head in torment. Nandani comes and says shan would you say you are alright? Nandani says would you say you are fine? He says my head harms. Nevi says all visitors are hanging tight for you in the gathering. Nevi says shan can never review anything. He must be Nandani’s so Asmita is just Ridoy’s.

Aakash inquires as to why Pakhi even said she is approaching sign the agreement at that point. Pakhi discloses to Aakash it was a misconception of Natasha. She supposes individuals are kicking the bucket to work with her, or become a close acquaintence with her yet Pakhi is extraordinary. She just arrived at caution Natasha to quit meddling in her life, else her life would be intense. She leaves. Natasha was irate and breaks a jug behind her. Aakash advises Natasha to stop it. Aakash gets a call from Kapadia and questions Natasha what to answer to Kapadia now. He faults Natasha.


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