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Neel asks Nevi why you probably did this? She says for my husband. handiest beauty knows wherein Aru is.

Moushmi says to Asmita you appearance good today. Asmita says for my husband. She says you have to cross on honeymoon quickly. Asmita says we are able to move quickly. Shan appears at asmita, He attempts making her wear locket. Asnita says I belong to Ridoy best. He says sayig it wont make you married to him. Asmita leaves in anger.

Bua comes to Asmita. She says you are doing this pooja as Ridoy’s spouse. She says as DIL of this residence. Nev says she is Ridoy’s spouse. nobody will come among her and Ridoy. Asmita leaves. Nevi says i will make Ridoy hate you.

The poojja starts. Ridoy appears at asmita. Nevi says she is doing this pooja for you. He says I want her in all lives. Nevi sends Asmita and Shan both in a single room. She comes downstairs and says go to your room and get prepared. ASmita is taking bathe. Nevi asks shan that door is locked. he attempted beginning it and falls on Asmita. Asmita says what are you doing ere. depart. Ridoy comes. He says to Shan pop out with me. Ridoy says while you apprehend she is my wife. He is set to hit him. Nei comes. Ridoy breaks matters in anger. He says he attempted going close to my spouse. Shan says i was just solving the door. Asmita comes. Moushmi says who is Asmita with. Shan says she is my wife simplest. beauty says how disgusting is that. Asmita can file harassment case on Shan. Ridoy says Asmita might you try this?

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