Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

judge is ready to announce her verdict. Asmita comes in and says prevent. Asmita says i’ve a evidence with the intention to show Shan didn’t murder. you will recognize who the actual offender is.
choose plays the video. all and sundry is shocked to look it. within the video, asmita is killing Shivankar. Bua stands up in surprise. Asmita says I killed Shivankar. here is your evidence and your perpetrator. He offered my mom for some cash, she become pregnant with me. I hated him, so I took my revenge, I murdered him. Please exonerate Shan and arrest me. Asmita stands in the witness field. Basu says she need to be punished. shan says she is lying. she will never try this. Shivankar changed into her father. i was alone in that room. ASmita why are you doing that. Please inform them truth. ASmita says I murdered him. shan says my puchki can’t kill absolutely everyone. stop mendacity.

Asmita reaclls she got here to Nandani in clinic. Nandani said I knew you would come. I made this video. Nandani stated you simply display this video and i’m able to shop Shan. Asmita says you want to blackmail me? i’m able to deliver them this video myself. Shan would hate you even greater. He could by no means love you.

Shan says I murdered. Asmita says don’t say that during love. Shan says please don’t take the blame on yourself. judge says I determine who murdered. She says asmita has t be arrested. i’m able to announce verdict after a spoil.

Asmita is in prison. Shan comes there. He says why are you doing that. aSmita says I murdered. He says you can in no way do this. ridoy says all of us know you can’t do it. Asmita says I did it.. Shan says no please. prevent it. Police takes shan from there.

The courtroom listening to starts offevolved once more. judge says it’s miles very clear that asmita killed shivankar as revenge. This courtroom, exonerates Shan. Shan says i was with her, we must be sentenced together. I helped her. Asita says no.. i was by myself. He didn’t assist me. judge says there may be no proof in opposition to you. This courtroom publicizes demise sentence towards asmita. Shan sits down and screams. Shan says she is my existence. Please don’t do this. Please recognize. SHan says Puchki you may’t do that to keep me. i’m able to die without you. They take asmita. Asmtia runs and hugs SHan. Police tries to take asmita.


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