Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shan says he is lying. He hits the driver. Police stops Shan. ASmita says shan please quiet down. Basu says see he is a goon. He was conceived in sona gachi. He should act along these lines. Judge says San you need to act here. Your outrage appears as though you can murder somebody. Basu says you see. He can execute anybody.

Shan says this lady is lying. She can effectively take me from asmita. Nandani says perceive how he carries on. He is accusing me subsequent to executing my sibling. You executed my father for your extra conjugal undertaking. Basu says it’s everything clear. Asmita says there was difference in wintess’ announcement. sHan ought to be given additional time. He is blameless. He merits advantage of uncertainty. Basu says we as a whole observed evidences and heard observers. Shan took steps to execute Shivankar as of now. Basu says please report the decision.

Judge says according to confirmations and witness, Shan is indicted. His sentence would be reported tomorrow. Shan is taken from that point. Asmita plunks down crying. Asmita sees SHan leaving.

Asmita is concerned. rIdoy comes there. He says I have a way we can spare Shan. I discovered this camera from Nandani’s room.Asmita and Ridoy play it.

The meeting begins following day. Ridoy come as well. Shan ponders where is asmita. Jduge says today Shan will be given his sentence. Asmita says stop. Everybody thinks back. ASmita says I have a proof that can indicate Shan didn’t do this homicide. this recording will demonstrate to you who is the genuine guilty party.

Precap: Judge sees the video. Judge says asmita murdered SHan. She must be given capital punishment.


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