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Asmita comes jogging to Nevi’s room. She is crying with Aru’s image. Nevi says you.. Asmita says I’ve some paintings. Nevi says go to your room and rest. i can communicate to you.

Nevu says I cherished Aru so much.

Asmita says she changes so speedy. Ridoy involves the room. He says Asmita I agree with you. Asmita says higher now not talk about believe. I noticed it nowadays. She leaves. Ridoy says I hurt you asmita. I’m so sorry. I don’t wanna lose you. i am absolutely sorry.

Aditya asks Asmita pop out. He says its urgent. Asmita comes out. Aditya meets her at the porch. He says there may be huge news that I had to tell you. She says inform me. He says allow me to display you. He suggests a picture of Nevi and Shan collectively. Asmita says how is this feasible? He says it’s miles of the identical area where aru changed into observed. Asmita says nothing is greater important than obligation. If shan has executed this he has to arrested even though he’s my husband.

Shan wakes up the next morning. Paro brings him breakfast. Paro says are you appropriate? You weren’t properly closing night time so that you slept right here. Shan doesn’t recall whatever. He says please move from here. She says I’m your spouse I will go away you alone. He says pass from here. He locks her outdoor. Shan says did I meet Asmita final night time? What occurred closing night? handiest Asmita can tell. where are you Puchki?

Khurana says Asmita police has begun the work. They check the picture if it is picture shopped. The professional says this isn’t edited. it’s miles a real image. Aditya says that is evidence against than we can’t forget about it. Asmita is dazed. Khurana says you’re a police cop earlier than his wife.

Beauty slaps Paro and says you can’t do something. Paro says doctor stated i am pregnant. beauty says kill this baby. you may manage to pay for this. Paro says but my child.. splendour says then I have to do something

Aditya says this is a man we stuck. He additionally thought shan is probably involved. Asmit says I nonetheless don’t have proof. Khurana says if you aren’t cozy i’m able to ask you to leave the case. Asmita says if shan is culprit i will convict him myself. that is my promise. She leaves. Khurana says she is on a strong test. Asmita says I recognize in which to start taking a look at from.

Precap:– Asmita investigates towards Shan. She slaps Ridoy

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