Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nandani says stop it today is our gathering. shan says you are a liar. You said you are puchki. Bua says her name is nandani. Shan says you tricked me in view of my ailment? However at this point I remember everything. I cherish my puchki. Shan says I cherish my puchki not you miss nandani. He holds Asmita’s hand. Ridoy grins. Asmita’s father says I can’t see tears in her eyes. She will get the person she adores regardless of whether I need to destroy asmita’s life. I will do it for my Nandani.

Nandan brings asmita to room. He says I am grieved. I couldn’t be with you. be that as it may, you don’t need to forfeit any longer. Nobody can interfere with us now. ASmita says our affection is intended to be for eternity. Our affection changed Ridoy as well. We committed him understand his error. shan says it is every one of your penances and supplications. This house is home on account of you Asmita says there are such a significant number of fights left. We face such a significant number of evil presences, yet God was with us. I just need you to guarantee me that you would join us. Nobody would separate us. Guarantee me. Shan says I guarantee you. We were one and we will consistently be one. The melody tera yaar plays. Shan embraces asmita. They review their adolescence.

Nevi reviews what she did. Shan goes to her room. Nevi says I was sitting tight for you. I realized you would come here. You should review that I assaulted you. In any case, don’t stress I will call the police. I need you to get me captured. I did this for my Riody. Nothing could really compare to him. You can call police on me. Shan says I won’t do that. This is the distinction. You are as yet my mother. I recalled everything and what you did. In any case, there was parenthood behind it. It doesn’t make a difference if not for me. Nevi says I abhor you and I generally did. I never thought of you as my child. Never anticipate love from me. SHan says you can abhor, how might I quit adoring at that point? There is only one solicitation. I won’t tell anybody please you don’t tell anybody either. I don’t need anybody to affront my mother. Individuals would quit having faith in parenthood. Shan leaves.

Shan says to Asmita my heart feels so a lot lighter. Asmita says your hands are bound since she is your mother however she is a guilty party. She must be rebuffed. SHe can’t hurt you. I will rebuff her. Shan says no for me you won’t do it. In what capacity would motherhood be able to not be right. Asmita says what are you made of? He says I lost one mother. Don’t wanna lose another. Asmita embraces him. Asmita says for what reason are you so decent. You are so valiant. I don’t have the foggiest idea on the off chance that I ought to be glad or irate. How might you cherish your executioner. he says she is my mother and I am alive. She despises me however I can live with it. In any case, we will in every case live respectively. Nobody would divide us.

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