Yeh Teri Galiyan 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Judge plays the video. Everybody is stunned to see it. in the video, asmita is slaughtering Shivankar. Bua stands up in stun. Asmita says I murdered Shivankar. Here is your verification and your guilty party. He sold my mother for some cash, she was pregnant with me. I abhorred him, so I rendered my retribution, I killed him. It would be ideal if you absolve Shan and capture me. Asmita remains in the observer box. Basu says she ought to be rebuffed. shan says she is lying. she can never do that. Shivankar was her dad. I was separated from everyone else in that room. ASmita for what reason are you doing that. If you don’t mind disclose to them truth. ASmita says I killed him. shan says my puchki can’t execute anybody. quit lying.

Asmita reaclls she came to Nandani in medical clinic. Nandani said I realized you would come. I made this video. Nandani said you simply demonstrate this video and I will spare Shan. Asmita says you need to coerce me? I will give them this video myself. Shan would loathe you significantly more. He could never cherish you.

Shan says I killed. Asmita says don’t state that in affection. Shan says kindly don’t assume the fault on yourself. Judge says I choose who killed. She says asmita has t be captured. I will report decision after a break.

Asmita is in prison. Shan comes there. He says for what reason are you doing that. aSmita says I killed. He says you can never do that. ridoy says we as a whole realize you can’t do it. Asmita says I did it.. Shan says no please. stop it. Police takes shan from that point.

The court hearing starts once more. Judge says it is exceptionally evident that asmita slaughtered shivankar as retribution. This court, absolves Shan. Shan says I was with her, we two ought to be condemned together. I helped her. Asita says no.. I was separated from everyone else.

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