Yeh Teri Galiyan 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Moushmi says wow. Now you’ll divorce this lady so she will marry Shan? beauty says they have made a laugh of marriage. They don’t even care about Moni. Nevi says for this disgusting girl.. Ridoy says i am disgusting. She didn’t do whatever. She did enough for Moni. no one can try this. Please don’t communicate in among. Nevi says I saved you from demise. Now you’ll inform me about love? He says sure i will inform you if you don’t recognize. i’m wondering if you even love me or now not. A mother usually teaches the proper route to her kids. Now when i’m subsequently doing right you’re preventing me. Bua says Ravindra you must determine. Shan and asmita love each different. Thaku ma says Shan gained’t get divorce from Nanadani. he’s her husband. ravindra says asmita how will you do this. What face can we show to human beings?

Nandani throws asmita’s bag. She says get out of this residence. If Ridoy is divorcing you, you can’t live here. Asmita says shut up. Your marriage is based totally on lies you will damage the whole thing. Please apprehend, i am your sister. Nandani says you aren’t my sister. move returned to in which you’re from. Thaku ma says we are able to’t can help you live right here and lure shan. you are never glad with one guy. Nandani says you’ll get a new man in sona gachi. Asmita is about to slap her. Nandani holds her hand and says get out. ridoy says you have no proper to ask her to go away. Nevi says how will she live right here as? Ridoy says as moni’s caretaker. If all of us has a problem i will depart this residence. Nevi says no. Ridoy says to Nandani dont’ create this drama.

Nevi says Ridoy what took place to you. You doubted your mom for that female? Ridoy says you used me as a bait for your games. He leaves. Nevi says I gained’t Shan and Puchki be one ever.

Thaku ma and NAndani come to Nevi’s room. Nandani says you. Nevi says you pay attention to me. never supply project to asmita once more. Nandani says so that you could blame us now? it’s miles your fault too. Thaku ma says what are you saying. listen to her first. Nandani says come to factor. NEvi says it became my mistake that I relied on you. Thaku ma says what are you saying. Nandani you need to stay calm. we are able to’t do something with out nevi. listen to what she has to say. Nandani says i’m sorry. i’m able to do some thing for Shan. Nevi says you need to forestall converting your moods. Insult asmita, kill her self respect. Get her husband out of her trap. display me what you cand do. Nandani says you’re challenging me? You couldn’t handle your personal sons. nicely i will show you what i’m able to do. i will do what you couldn’t. i will make my husband mine and kick that Asmita out of his lifestyles.

Nandani says to asmita you’re scared to come in the front of me? you’re handiest well worth being a caretaker in this house. Your father left you and now even Ridoy. Asmita says thank God that father wasn’t in my life. you are using my call, i’m no longer using yours. you are the shameless one here. WHy didn’t you propose Shan as nandani? Nandani is set to slap her. Asmita shoves her hand.

Precap-Ridoy says to Asmita we need to get divorce papers finalized. ASmita says let me get Shan. SHe involves Shan’s room. he is asleep naked in mattress. Nandani comes out and says shan you didn’t rise up. Nandani says to asmita he doesn’t need a caretaker such as you.


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