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Shan holds Ridoy’s hand. He says don’t set out doing this once more. Asmita snickers. Shan holds her. Nevi says asmia quiet down. She says dont’ wanna go anyplace. Nevi takes her upstairs. ASmita says I know something about you. Nevi says what? Asmita says you are downright awful. Nevi abandons her there.

Shan comes to sees ASmita. He says asmita what did you drink? She says for what reason would it be a good idea for me to tell? He says aren’t you irate? SHe says extremely irate. Shan says how are you tanked? She says you gave me the beverage. Asmita chuckles. She says liar. Asmita embraces him. She says you gave me bhang. He says your heart is loaded with affection for me. He says wouldn’t we be able to be one? ASmita says you killed my mother. We can’t be one. Shan says she was my mother as well. He takes her to bed. He says rest here. Asmita holds his hand. Asmita says I cherish you Shan. Shan kisses her brow. He cries taking a gander at Chanda’s photograph. He says I wish I could bring her back so she could confide in me.

Asmita comes first floor. Bua gives her natural products. She says I am fasting. Bua says you will eat from shan’s hand? She says Ridoy. Bua says we saw yesterday who do you think about your better half. Shan says you are my significant other. Nev says Shan what is your concern. For what reason do you continue saying it? Ravindra says where is ridoy? Nevi says he isn’t picking telephone.

Ridoy is outside. He is furious. He says for what reason does this occur. Asmita is mine and she generally must be. I am finished with being decent Paro comes and says wat happened Ridoy? Asmita blacked out. GIve her water from your hands. Ridoy fills the glass. He treks and glass tumbles from his hand. Shan holds it. Water sprinkles and goes in Asmita’s mouth. Moushmi says Ridoy needed to do it however shan did it at any rate. Ridoy is irate. He leaves in indignation.

Nevi says each time Shan has a go at taking his affection from him. shan do you have any disgrace?

Asmita says to Shan what is your concern? I am hitched to your sibling. Shan says then why dont you become his significant other finished? Demonstrate that you have acknowledged him. Go to wedding trip with him. Profound says I play with psyche not eyes. Your arrangement can’t work.

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