Yeh Teri Galiyan 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shan brings asmita to medical clinic. He says please check her. specialist checks asmita. she says who is she? Shan says she is my significant other. Specialist says you are pregnant. Everybody is bewildered. Shan says what.. HE says truly? I am so gratful. Shan says asmita nandani couldn’t part us. Our kid will begin our ne part. He kisses her temple. asmita opens her eyes. she says what was the deal? Wy would you say you are crying? Specialist says youre pregnant. Asmita says truly? Shan says truly, that is our tyke. Asmita says I am so cheerful. Asmita says now you need to hear me out. Release me back to police. We can’t run way. Shan says I won’t let you do that. ASmita says this isn’t right. Asmita says please.

Shan embraces her and says no I can’t let you surreneder I won’t let you go. this is our kid. You need to live with me. shan embraces asmita. Police comes outside. Aditya says asmita shan surreneder. we are encompassed this medical clinic. Asmita embraces shan and says I need to do this. Shan cries. Shan holds her hand. Asmita exits. Aditya says asmita you’re a police officer yourself how might you do that.

Shan stays there and cries. Nandani gets a call that asmita is captured. She says wow I am so happy. Shan returns home. Shan says you won, I lost. He stoops down. He says on the off chance that you adore me please spare asmita. If it’s not too much trouble spare her. she is pregnant. If you don’t mind spare my youngster. Nandani is stunned. Nandani says this is an untruth. Shan says no it isn’t. She is my life. If it’s not too much trouble dont’ play with her life. You will leave me always on the off chance that anything happesn to her. It would be ideal if you spare her I will be your slave forever.

The case revives. moushmi says how did this occur. Nandani says I revived it. Asmita comes to observe box. Basu says we have a report. This report demonstrated to us that asmita did the homicide. However, that was a phony admission. We need to take our sentence back. Judge says we can’t give her demise sentnece for the situation. Yet, she burned through our time. So we take asmita’s police uniform again from her. she is excused. Shan grins. Ridyo says asmita I am so cheerful. Bua embraces her. Asmita says what happeend that nandani took her case back? Nandani says you will never know.

Precap: Asmita says to shan you accomplished something. How did nandani open the case. shan says pardon me.


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