Yeh Teri Galiyan 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Bua says Ravindra you ought to choose. Shan and asmita adore one another. Thaku mama says Shan won’t get separate from Nanadani. He is her better half. ravindra says asmita how might you do that. What face will we show to individuals? Nandani tosses asmita’s pack. She says escape this house. On the off chance that Ridoy is separating from you, you can’t remain here. Asmita says shut up. Your marriage depends on falsehoods You will destroy everything. If it’s not too much trouble comprehend, I am your sister. Nandani says you aren’t my sister. Return to where you’re from. Thaku mama says we can’t give you a chance to live here and trap shan. You are perpetually discontent with one man. Nandani says you will get another man in sona gachi.

Asmita is going to slap her. Nandani holds her hand and says get out. ridoy says you reserve no option to request that her leave. Nevi says in what capacity will she live here as? Ridoy says as moni’s overseer. In the event that anybody has an issue I can go out. Nevi says no. Ridoy says to Nandani dont’ make this show. Nevi says Ridoy what befell you. You questioned your mother for that young lady? Ridoy says you utilized me as a lure for your recreations. He leaves. Nevi says I won’t Shan and Puchki be one ever.

Thaku mama and NAndani go to Nevi’s room. Nandani says you. Nevi says you hear me out. Never offer test to asmita again. Nandani says so you would accuse us now? It is your deficiency as well. Thaku mama says what are you saying. Hear her out first. Nandani says come to point. NEvi says it was my slip-up that I confided in you. Thaku mama says what are you saying. Nandani you need to remain quiet. We can’t do anything without nevi. Tune in to what she needs to state. Nandani says I am grieved. I can do anything for Shan. Nevi says you need to quit changing your temperaments. Affront asmita, execute her confidence. Get her better half out of her snare. Demonstrate to me what you cand do. Nandani says you are testing me? You couldn’t deal with your own children. Well I will demonstrate to you what I can do. I will do what you proved unable. I will make my significant other mine and kick that Asmita out of his life.

Nandani says to asmita you’re frightened to come before me? You are just worth being an overseer in this house. Your dad left you and now even Ridoy. Asmita says express gratitude toward God that father wasn’t a major part of my life. You are utilizing my name, I am not utilizing yours. You are the indecent one here. For what reason didn’t you propose Shan as nandani? Nandani is going to slap her. Asmita pushes her hand.

Precap: Ridoy says to Asmita we need to get legal documents settled. ASmita says let me get Shan. SHe goes to Shan’s room. He is snoozing bare in bed. Nandani turns out and says shan you didn’t get up. Nandani says to asmita he needn’t bother with a guardian like you.


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