Yeh Teri Galiyan 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nanadani says she is from sona gachi. preserve your husbands faraway from her. She learned to move after exceptional guys from there. All girls taunt asmita. A girl says Shan she is a housewrecker. Shans ays enough. you’re a cheater. I don’t even keep in mind this marriage. you’re not anything to me. I handiest love asmita. She is my the entirety. My today my tomorrow. i will show you fooled me on this marriage. you are the second woman who in no way got here to my life. that is my Puchki.

Asmita comes to her room. she says why would I cry.. Shan says that’s my puchki. Shan says you by no means cry and never permit me. Shan hugs Asmita. Asmita cries. Asmita says i like you. Shan says i really like you too. Shan says it is about time I must cease this fake marriage with Nandani. We ought to be with each other. asmita says i’m able to constantly be yours Shan says i can usually be there for you. Sorry for when I couldn’t be. Asmita says don’t say that. He says i’ve a plan. Asmita says what? He says i’m able to display you. Shan takes Asmita downstairs.

Nandani drinks. Nevi and thaku ma come. Nandani come drink with me. Nevi says what are you celebrating? Your insult. Nandani says you are so duffer. Nevi says how dare you. Nandani says you by no means saw how bold i’m. i am smarter than you suspect. Nevi says Shan and asmit won’t take a seat silently. Nandani says I recognize and i am ready for the entirety. you will see what I do. i can make them so involved, they gained’t understand what to do. Nevi says what do you plan? Nandani says if I say some thing you would get irritated. Nandani says I won’t display my playing cards. accept as true with me.

Asmita and Shan come to a place. Shan says are you sure? She says yes we will’t allow fact cover anymore. they come to file an FIR. Shan tells inspector how NAndani fooled him. He slaps Shan. Asmita says what’s this. He wants to get rid of his wife. Asmita says what are you announcing. He says include me. He suggests them Nandan. Her clothes are torn and she has bruises. Nandani says this female asked my husband to conquer me. He did this because this asmita asked him. Shan says I never touched her. asmita says she is fooling you. Nandani says go take statements from women got here to my munh dikhai. Inspector arrests Shan. Asmita says you may’t try this. Shan shoves him. Inspector hits him and says now you see what I do. Asmita says sir please leave him. He didn’t do some thing. That female plot all this.
Nandani says to asmita how did you like it Asmita?

Asmita comes to police station. She says permit me meet Shan. Shan is bruised. Asmita says she is very clever you need to hold calm. no one can do some thing until we’re together. a man says a policewoman is the other lady now. SHan hits them. Asmita attempts calming him down. Police hits Shan. Asmita says Shan i’m able to get you out of right here.


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