Yeh Teri Galiyan 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Nevi say what is happening between you and Asmita? Did you proceed together with your relationship? What’s the problem? He says there may be no hassle. sHe says i will see something is wrong. He says i can handle everything. She says i will talk to Aasmita. Ridou says dont are available in among. Nevi says have the proper too.

Shan comes to the temple adn maintains ringing the bell. He says how can i do this god? You want to answer me. Puchki is my love. How can i betray her?

Asmita comes to Canda and says the whole lot is over. Chanda says dont’ worry. there may be some thing to it. pass and look for Shan. you can’t see the fact. he is being trapped. pass and find proofs. He can never fool you. consider your friendship and love. God will in no way try this to you. ASmita says you are right. THe purpose is something else.

Asmita comes lower back home. Shan comes again domestic too. Asmita appears at him. Nevi says Ridoy and Asmita come here. Khurana comes. anyone welcomes him. Moushmi says wherein is paro? Paro comes with beauty. Media comes there with splendour. Ravindra says ask her to now not say something.

Ravindra says these days is pooja day. these days is complete of blessings. He gives gifts to humans.

Shan goes outdoor to talk to Nevi. Asmita is maintaining an eye on him. Paro comes and says he goes to a father now. forestall eyeing on him.

Precap:- None

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