Yeh Teri Galiyan 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ridoy embraces Asmita and approaches her. Asmita says Ridoy please listen stop it. Asmita pushes him and runs. She reviews what Shan said. Asmita says what should I do and who should I tell. Shan awakens and says Asmita. Specialist says quiet down please.

Excellence says to Paro once we get the property, our missions would be finished.

Asmita and Riidoy are in vehicle. Ridoy says asmita would you say you are typical at this point? Disregard this anxiety. You need to acknowledge and appreciate the life.

Asmita reviews her minutes with Shan. She reviews Chanda. Asmita reviews her battles with shan. SHe escapes the vehicle. Ridoy says what occurred. She says how about we get outside air. Asmita strolls on the pram. Ridoy sits with her. HE approaches t her. A few hooligans bother Ridouy and Asmita. Asmita requests that they leave.

Nevi says what should I do. Ridoy is with her there. Shan needs to proceed to destroy it.

Ridoy and Asmita come to inn. Ridoy has prepared everything. Asmita feels peculiar. Asmita sees Shan around. Ridoy says what are you considering? She says nothing.

Ridoy pulls her and says gives up.

Paro comes and says Shan is snoozing? She removes the sheet. SHan isn’t there. Paro says where did she go.

Ridoy says welcoe asmita. Did you like it? She says that.. He says we have a great deal of astonishments coming. He gives her an I cherish you vehicle. Asmita hack. She surges in bathroom. Asmita sees Shan outside He says you look stressed. Asmita is disoriented.

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