Yeh Teri Galiyan 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Paro says you couldn’t fool me. Paro wonders what she knows. Asmita leaves.

Splendor says why is this Asmita flying a lot. Paro says but doesn’t do any drama. we will do any mistake. What if he doesn’t take delivery of this toddler? splendour says the game that I played cannot be outplayed by way of each person.

Asmita comes inside the house. The pooja begins. everybody is doing the pooja. Asmita makes espresso for herself. Nevi says pregnancy makes you crave plenty of things but don’t take coffee. What medical doctor are you wondering? i can plan the entirety. Paro says i don’t understand all this. splendour is looking into all this. Nevi says i will look one for you. Nevi says in heart i will kill this infant.

Splendour makes the candle falls. Ridoy saves her and falls himself. Shan picks him up. splendour says Ridoy she can fall and you may be harmful. Ridoy says it wasn’t her mistake. Nevi says it is able to fall on its one. Paro offers Ridoy’s crotches to him. Nevi says Asmita why didn’t you already know? Paro says perhaps due to the fact she doesn’t love her husband.

Khurana says you couldn’t do all this and insult her like that. Asmita says I hid it so ridoy can inspire himself to stroll without it. you can walk Ridoy. You don’t need it. I understand you can. Ridoy says you are so satisfactory thank you. but i can’t stay without this stick. Asmita says you can strive. He says if you say, i can. Paro says i am sorry. Ravindra says k overlook all this now. let’s start the dance competition.

Ridoy says welcome absolutely everyone. The dance celebration has started out Shan and Asmita dance and compete. Asmita outperforms him. San backs out. Asmita ends the dance.

Precap:- Nevi says Asmita is the winner and right here is the prize, Riody and Asmita are happening honeymoon.

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