Yeh Teri Galiyan 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ridoy says Ravindra call official. Get him safeguarded. Moushmi says these cases aren’t simple. Asmita, let them know. He can’t get out. Nandani says this asmita is in charge of this. They went to the police headquarters to whine about me. That I tricked him. He filled my hairline. Asmita’s father says please quit playing with my little girl’s life. You resemble your mother. You are simply after cash. I can give you cash. avoid her better half.

Asmita says I won’t’ leave my shan. We as a whole ability voracious you are. I can affront you here however I resemble my mother, not you. I am pleased that affection matters to me. I couldn’t care less on the off chance that I am on the whole correct to you or not. I won’t leave Shan. He says you’re similar to your mother. Asmita’s father says I would destroy your home Ravindra if my little girl cries. Advise shan to be reasonable for my little girl or.. Ravindra holds up. He says don’t stress I will fix everything. Shan would keep Nandani glad. He says Shan would possibly turn out if my little girl inquires. Ravvindra says nandani I implore you please get shan out.

Asmita says sir kindly don’t do this. He says I can successfully bring Shan out. Nandani says then satisfy my condition. I will pull back my condition. First condition is, you need to request that shan leave asmita and begin life over again. Second, ask asmita to shame her with nose in my feet. Moushmi says Asmita do what Nandani inquires. Thaku mama says genuine romance? Do it for your adoration. It’s the ideal opportunity for you to accomplish something for him. Personality came in the middle? nandani says who thinks about my dumb conditions? Ravindra says we don’t have sufficient energy to think what is good and bad. Ravindra says asmita you adore Shan right? If you don’t mind consider him as it were. Asmita says you’re correct sit. I can do anything for Shan. I will take the necessary steps to bring Shan out.

Asmita strolls towards Nandani. Ridoy stops her. Nevi says stop it. Ridoy says I am demonstrating I adore shan. I will demonstrate I cherish Shan. I need him to turn out. You should all do a similar right? All of you cherish him right? not simply Asmita? Nevi says would you say you are insane? Ridoy says you expect Asmita to bow down to nandani’s for Shan’s adoration? At that point everybody ought to do it. Nandani says stop it. What’s going on with you? You think I am doing this to cut asmita down? I cherish Shan. I don’t need this subsequent man to be around my better half. I adore him. All of you see I sent him to imprison, nobody saw he hit me. Shan is a person so he is in every case right. I will deal with it. I will get him out of prison. Her father says no. He won’t be out. He hit my girl, he will be in prison. Nandani says he is my significant other. He says I won’t let it occur.

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