Yeh Teri Galiyan 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shan says to Asmita you killed your child. Asmita says ask your daughter to stay away from her. sHan says she forgot her worth. Shan slaps Nandani. He says yoou shut. Whatever I say to her is my personal matter. You have made chahat like yourself. Nandani comes to asmita adn throttles her. She says don’t come between us. Nandani says you are a second women firs to shan and now shikhawat. Asmita says shut up. Nandani says we aren’t living with someone illegally like you. SHikawat says enough Nandani. Get lost. She leaves. Shikhawat says I don’t know how you fell in love with Shan. You should move ahead in life. Asmita says I don’t want anything. I have to give Krishi her dad, her right. They are blood. I can forget him but she can’t. asmita leaves. shukhaat sees a rose and ring. He says I will heal all he bruises shan gave you.

Shan shouts at servant and hits him. He says why is my despenser empty. He hits him. Nandani says stop. You need wine? She says I wlll make a drink for you. She gives him a drink. Nandani mixes something in it. Nandani says we will live our night tonight. Shan drinks.

Krishi looks at Shan and says please stop. What are you drinking. Shan says.. Krishi says give it to me. SHan says no. He says this isn’t right for health. Krishi says this is bad water. No one should drink it. You have to stop drinking it. She puts his hand on her head. Nandani comes back to room. she says swear on me you won’t drink. Nandani says how dare you coem here. Krishi says this is my papa’s room. Nandani is about to slap her. SHan holds Nandani’s hand and shoves her. Krishi says you can’t hit me in front of my papa.

Nevi says to Krisi this is your mama’s fav flower. Your papa used to give it to your mom. Nandani akes a cake. She says now I will make shan mine. she mixes something. Nandani comes to Shan with cupcakes. Shan is hitting punching bag. Nandani asks Chahat to give shan cupcakes. SHe says apologize this way. Chahat says sorry papa. I made you mad. See I got us cupcakes. Mom made these. Shan hugs her and says make me eat. CHahat makes him eat cupcake. Krishi comes and takes it. Krishi runs with them. Nandai runs after her. Chahat says she took my cupcakes. Krishi says win them first. Moni says yes this is the game Nandani says shut up. Asmita says what happened. Krishi says mama we will play songs and who wins will get cupcakes. we will all play. You have to sing first for papa.

Precap-Shan and asmita say I love you to each other.


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