Yeh Teri Galiyan 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shan says adutya please let me move. Asmita is in hassle. Aditya says you broke the law. you hit her in the front of police. i’m able to’t do anything.

Asmita is suffocating. Shan is handcuffed in police van. Asmita coughs. Shan hits police officers. He says sorry I have to shop asmita. He runs. Aditya runs after him. Police chase shan.

Shan seems for asmita. Asmita is dying. She recalls her moments with Shan. Asmita breaks the chain and cord. Asmita jumps off the hearth circle. Shan runs from police. He says i am coming asmita. The thugs see asmita. Asmita hits them.

A thug places knife on her.. Thug says you are death today. He puts gun on asmita. Shan comes and hits him. Asmita and shan each hit the thugs collectively. A thug says there may be bomb right here. i will kill you both. He blasts the bomb. Asmita and shan run out. Asmita falls on shan. Shan hides asmita from fire.

Nandani calls shan. sHe says why is he no longer pickin. Shivankar says why are you concerned. SHe says i am trying to name the thug I paid to kill asmita. He says she is a police officer. you can’t kill her. Shivankar hugs her.

Asmita nd Shan run inside the jungle. it is raining.

Shan and asmita see a darkish residence within the jungle. they arrive in. nobody is there. Shan says Puchki are you okay? Shan kisses her hand. He says I couldn’t be alive if some thing happend to you. Asmita says in no way say that. nobody can component us. Shan says you sit down here. Shan attempts to light fire there. He says do you experience higher? He caresses her hands.

Shan says there are some garments there. pass chane. Asmita is going behind the scenes to change. Shan modifications out of doors. Asmita comes out.

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