Yeh Teri Galiyan 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Asmita says where is shan. He said he would return in 60 minutes. Asmita cooks. Asmita sees Moni’s image. she says sorry moni I left you there. We would live respectively soon. Chime rings. Asmita opens the entryway. somebody hits her on her head and he tumbles down. Two hooligans pick her and enclose her by a floor covering. they take her outside. Shan is coming in. He strolls past them. shan returns home and sees that she isn’t home and things are broken. Shan keeps running outside. The men sit in vehicle and run. Asmita is in a dull spot.

Nandani says would you say you are alright my sister? Asmita is tied. Nandani says your opportunity to bid farewell to everything is here. You truly wanna talk right? I like when you battle with me and challenge me. Asmita says shan won’t leave you for this. What’s going on with you. On the off chance that anything transpires you would go to imprison. Shan would murder you. Nandani says shut up alright. You are suspended. furthermore, shan.. I realize how to make him mine. I would make him mine. I would destroy your life.

Nandani begins pouring petroleum around asmita. Asmita is terrified. Nandani says after you kick the bucket, father would have one misstep gone from his life. Nadnani says you are insane. You are a washout. You would never make Shan yours. You have no other alternative. My passing would demonstrate your thrashing. I can pass on a hundred times to overcome you. Shan would despise you considerably more. I feel pitty for you. I wish you could recognize what love. You won’t get anything by executing me. Nandani says shut up. Give me a chance to demonstrate to you the trailer. She lit the hover around asmita. Nandani snickers.

Shan says to aditya I am certain nandani hijacked Asmita. Aditya says however she was in clinic. Shan says how about we go there and check in the event that she is even there. shan goes to the medical clinic. He sees Nandani’s bed and says see she isn’t here. Nandani comes in room and says what occurred. Shan says where is asmita? She says how might I know? You live with her. shan says stop it. On the off chance that anything happens to her I would murder you. You hijacked her. Nandani says how might I do that. She is a cop and I am under guardianship here. shan throttles her. Shavankar comes and says how could you contact my little girl. Shan says on the off chance that you hurt asmita I would execute you. I will murder you as well. Aditya takes shan from that point. Nandani says in heart you would just locate her dead body.

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