Yeh Teri Galiyan 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Nevi offers them honeymoon tickets. Asmita is dazed. Ridoy says I love you, mam, I’m so satisfied.

Shan takes Asmita to his room and locks it. Does she say what is incorrect with you? Does he say you can’t go along with Ridoy? She says why can’t I? He holds her hand in tears. Asmita says you will be the father of Paro’s infant. Is that called you? Shan sits down. Asmita says your silence is the answer. Asmita shoves him and says why did you do this? He says i don’t bear in mind anything. I don’t understand what took place. He leaves. Asmita recollects the medication. Se says Paro did all this.

Shan receives a call from Nevi and says yes mom I’m coming. Asmita follows him. Asmita looks at Shan cleaning a decoration. He sees the microphone at the back of it. He sees Asmita peeking it.

Ridoy calls Asmita and says why is she no longer choosing Nevi says where is she? He says I don’t understand. Nevi says this isn’t small. You ought to know where she is NEvi says doesn’t all of it hassle you? She is your wife. you need to keep her in control. Take her to honeymoon and make her yours. He says i can do as you assert.

Shan pulls Asmita in and says what is all this? inform me did you position it right here? She says sure. Does Shan say what are you up to? you’re saying in the house? SHe says sure I placed it due to the fact I want proofs. She says you have no right to impeach me.

Khurana says to Asmita why did you tell Shan you have got doubts on Nevi? Asita says he saw a microphone. I informed him I’ve doubts on Nevi. Ridoy hears all this. Does he say what are you up to? who are you interested in? Why don’t you love me? Asmita says you need to loosen up. He pulls her. Asmita says why do you behave this manner. Ridoy says why do you run far away from me. Asmita says what are you doing.. Asmita says don’t ever misbehave with me like this. Asmita shoves him. He says my mom keeps taunting me because of you. I should recognize the solution. What’s for your heart. He grasps her. He says I won’t permit you to move till your solution.

Ridoy comes in the direction of Asmita. she falls on the bed. Does Shan wonder what is Asmita doubting on Nevi? Does he say need to I speak to mama? He says but what if she unearths out that Asmita is pucki. I can’t take that chance. but how do I tell her that mama can’t do anything wrong? I need to communicate with her.

Ridoy shoves her on the bed. He says you understand how it feels. She says I don’t wanna understand. asmita says don’t contact me. you are hurting me. stay far from me.

Precap:- Shan says Ridoy why did you try this to Asmita? He says why is it hurting you? what’s your relation along with her? Shan slaps him.


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