Yeh Teri Galiyan 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Asmita saves Paro. Nevi says how may want to you be so careless. Paro says some thing was there. seasoned says in spite of everything this you stored me. thanks. Asmita says we’re all human beings. She says thank you Asmita. Shan says in heart I don’t recognise how to thank you. Nevi says i understand how a small mistake can come to be a problem for existence. Asmita says we need to be very cautious in being pregnant.

Bua ji enters the house. She says who’s pregnant. Nevi says Paro is pregnant. Bua is dazed. bua says you had been too quick paro? I requested you the time isn’t right. Paro says the kid is Shan’s too. Bua says if he couldn’t control you can prevent him. that is a dark time. Bua says who knew she would be so speedy with children too. splendor is available in and says what are you pronouncing to my paro. Bua says what is she doing right here? Nevi says she is paro’s mausi. Nevi says Paro turned into about to fall. Asmita stored her. beauty says do a shanti havan for paro.

Bua comes to Shan and says you’re so unfair. How should you try this? i’m ashamed. He says God took puchki from me. He receives a call and says i’m coming. Shan leaves. Bua wonders what is occurring. Shan leaves.

Sha comes jogging to a residence. A girl is there. Shan says you called me here. It’s chanda. he’s keeping a dia in her hand. Sha n says why are you like this why no sindur? She says do i have proper to put on sindur. Shan says what are you pronouncing. Canda says tell me what is reality. Is there your hand in Aru being lacking. Shan is silent. Asmita aditya and khurana and hearing. Shan places his hand on the flame and says I wont lie to you. there may be no my hand in papa being missing. Asmita smiles. Chanda hugs him. Chanda kisses his hand.

Asmita says shan would by no means swear wrongly on his mother’s call. Khurana says we believe you asmita. Adiya says possibly Nevi is plotting to lure shan in all this. Asmita says sure and we must shop shan from it and reveal nevi..

The pooja starts.. Paro feels like vomiting. She runs. Shan brings her back. Asmta brings arti. she says paro eat this you’ll feel better. Paro eats the end result. A girl enters the house along with her attorney. She says my call is vani kapoor. i am a criminal attorney from Mumbai. i’m right here to remedy Shan’s case. each person is dazed.

Precap:- Shan says the infant has no mistake in it. Asmita says that infant has proper to your love. Asmita is in tears.


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