Yeh Teri Galiyan 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Asmita performs Nandani’s recording. Inspector says you’re a police officer and you got me this recording? you already know we should buy those easily. you may get as many as you want outside the court. Why are you after a married guy. you’re ruining her existence. permit her be. no one would accept as true with you. So please don’t waste time. Now cross earlier than we ought to kick you out. Shan says thoughts your language. Inspector says you maintain your mouth shut. Ravvindra says nandani you’re very satisfactory. live happy. permit’s go home.

Shan comes home. Thaku ma says allow me do your arti. There si no peace in this residence. We need to do haavan on this house. She does Shan’s arti. Thaku ma says go together with your wife. She says she sent me to prison. i can by no means take delivery of her or this fake marriage. Ravindra says you married her. move on now. if you recognize me you may take a seat together with your wife in poja. Shan says however.. San says you need to pressure me everytime? Ravindra says you married her along with your desire. no person pressurized you. Don’t make a laugh of marriage now. Shan sits with nandani in anger.

ASmita is in her room. sHe is dissatisfied. Someoen puts a hand on her mouth and picks her. Asmita screams and says go away me. She shoves the guy and takes off his masks. it’s far Shan. Asmita says sorry.. He says wow you hit me. Shan pulls asmita. He says are we able to spend moments of love? My so called wife nandani has ruined the whole lot. So I notion permit’s do something in puchki fashion. Come see/ Asmita says what is it?

Shan and Asmita come on roof. He has embellished it for a date. asmita says it is so quite. Shan says we gained’t allow every body take our love from us. asmita says permit’s dance. He says no you dance so nicely. Asmita says allow me educate you. Asmita and Shan dance. they come close. Shan makes her devour a candy. He says this is our first authentic date. Asmita says i’m able to usually recall it. Sahn says you will spend day after today night with me. Promise me you will be there? Asmita says I may be. Nanadani hears all this. Asmita hugs shan. NAndani calls someone and says is it achieved?

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