Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Asmita gets a name. a person says come to me tonight. What might you rate? Asmita says what are you saying. ASmita says i’m a police officer. He says you are from sona gachi. the man continues traumatic asmita. Asmita says who’s he. Nandani says in heart i’m able to make your life hell.

Commissioner panday asks Asmita to report right now. Asmita comes to police station. There are her posters everywhere. Asmita tears them apart. there may be media they are saying she is from sona gachi. she can in no way change. document says you’re from sona gachi and now you’re having an affair with your brother in law. Asmita slaps her. They protest against her. Panday comes there and says what is taking place here? Reporter says she slapped me. She need to be kicked out. she has posters of having an affair together with her brother in law. She dispensed those posters. ASmita says I didn’t do it. Why might I. girls have right to stay their existence their manner. Commissioner asks them to leave. He asks asmtia what’s it? Asmita says no one has the right to make amusing on my non-public life. He says you must keep yourself far from such controversies. Asmita says what else might I do? Why might i’ve my posters there?

Girls from NGO come to the residence. they are saying we want asmita. we will parade her with black face. Nevi says what did she do? She says have a look at these posters. She placed them everywhere in the metropolis. Bua says she is our DIL. The woman says she become your DIL. She is a characterless lady who s now doing her enterprise together with your elder son. Asmita comes there. A female says you need to be ashamed. You ruined married lives. Asmita says if i used to be incorrect, regulation might punish me. A woman says we’d blacken your face. Bua says i will call the police. they come toward asmtia. Asmtia says what are you doing i’m a police officer. Don’t even dare to the touch me. THey shove bua. She is about to blacken asmita’s face. Shan stops her hand. Shan shoves her. He ays stay away. Shan says who’re you to impeach her?? Why do we have to answer everyone. i love asmita. forestall me if you may.

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