Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Shaan telling Asmita that even now she is a coward, even after becoming a mother of a child. Asmita hugs him being afraid of the thunderstorm. She asks him to stay away from her and asks how dare you to touch me. Shaan asks her to stay away from him and says I don’t like to hug you. Asmita says you are a selfish guy. Shaan asks if I was selfish guy then would have hated you and says I couldn’t convince my heart to hate you even if I try, this heart beats for you still. Asmita asks why did you betray me if you love me so much. Shaan says I never betrayed you and asks if Shaantanu can betray his puchki. He keeps his hand on her lips and asks her not to tell anything. She runs away. Shaan holds her hand. Dil Sambhal jaa Zara plays……

They hug each other. Nandini pours kerosene around them and tells that today is not their union night, but their death night. She says Asmita and Shaan’s love story will end with them. She laughs seeing them lost in their embrace while the fire catches up fast. She says today Shaan and Asmita’s chapter will end. Shaan and Asmita open their eyes and see the fire. Krishi comes out and calls them mamma and papa. Asmita is going out, but Shaan holds and saves her as the pillar falls down. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. Nandini comes back to room and rests on the bed looking at Shaan’s pic, says if you are not mine then I won’t let you become of Asmita, never. She says I will kill you to make you away from Asmita, today you both will be burnt in that fire. Shaan tells Asmita that they both have to leave immediately. He falls as the decoration stuff falls on him. Asmita sees the pillar about to fall on Shaan and holds it and then pushes it to save Shaan. Shaan gets up and tells her that nobody will hear their voice as they are downstairs. Asmita covers themselves with blanket kept there and they look at each other. Krishi prays for her parents’ safety. She asks them not to worry and throws water on the fire to set it off. Asmita and Shaan reach her. Krishi faints in Asmita’s hands. Asmita asks Shaan to see what happened to their daughter. Shaan takes her downstairs. Asmita asks her to open her eyes.

Shaan checks Krishi and pumps her chest. They rub her hands and asks her to open her eyes. Asmita says she is not opening her eyes, we have to do something. Just then Krishi wakes up and tells Asmita that he is best Papa for her. Asmita asks her to listen. Krishi says she wants both and runs away. Shaan says we shall give her what she wants. Asmita asks have you gone mad? She says what will happen with Mr. Shekhawat and his son, Nandini and Chahat. Shaan asks her to stay with him for tonight. Asmita says this is not right. Shaan says we don’t have anything except love. He holds her closer for a kiss. She tries to resist and falls with him on the sofa. Song plays…..dil sambhalja zara…..She rests on his shoulder and sleeps.

In the morning, Mr. Shekhawat comes downstairs and sees Asmita and Shaan sleeping on sofa. He is shocked to see Asmita’s head on Shaan’s chest. He holds Shaan and pushes Shaan. He says you must have made her eat something so that you can fulfill your old desires and says I will kill you. Asmita tries to stop Shekhawat. Shaan asks Shekhawat to ask Asmita first if she wants to see him death and says I didn’t do anything. Krishi comes with Police and says I will tell you.

Precap: Krishi tells everyone that she called Police to arrest Kans aunty. Voiceover tells if Asmita and Shaan get trapped in Nandini’s trap.


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