Yeh Teri Galiyan 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Arohi says Ridoy what you did is so off-base. Ridoy says would you say you were separated from everyone else with Shan? Asmita says you don’t confide in me. How might I even be near you. I am going. Ridoy holds her and says leave this pack. He pushes her. Ridoy says I am heartbroken. Your lower leg is sprained. He says you hurt me a similar way. You can’t leave from me.

He endeavors to approach Asmita. Asmita says stop it. He says I will make you my significant other. You give me resting pills so I can’t draw close to you? She says your mother gave them. Ridoy says I will approach you. You can’t stop me. Asmita says Ridoy stop it. She slaps him. Ridoy pulls her dupatta. He holds her mouth and says you were tricking me and duping one me? You came to me and requested that I wed yu.

Ridoy pushes Asmtia on bed. Asmita says abandon me. This is a transgression. He discards her dupatta. Ridoy jump on Asmita. She pushes him and runs. Ridoy comes after her. He says I cherish you. We will be one today around evening time. Asmita says I will call police. He says I will reveal to them you are going behind my back with him. Asmita pushes him and the two of them fall in pool. He endeavors to approach, Asmita slaps him. He says you can’t leave from me.

Asmita runs. Asmita picks a bar and says don’t draw close to me. He says you can’t stop me. He takes the pole structure her and pushes her against the divider. Shan comes and pushes Ridoy. Shan hits Ridoy. He says you are a creature. You can’t be my sibling. RIdoy says you never thought of me as your sibling. You are from those grimy boulevards. You can’t interfere with us. Shan says hit me in the event that you can. Ridoy hits him with pole. Shan hids Ridoy.

Asmita takes a seat crying. ridoy hits his head and pulls Asmita. Shan gets up and hits him.

Ridoy says I wont abandon you. Asmita says ridoy please stop. Shan hits ridoy. He tumbles from the rooftop. Asmita says he will kick the bucket gives up. They runs ground floor. Ridoy is dead. Shan says Ridoy tune in.. RIdoy.. He is dead. Shan is in stun.

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