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Shan says Ridoy open your eyes.. He isn’t relaxing. Shan is in stun. Asmita says Ridoy open your eyes. Nevi calls Ridoy. It’s a video call. Nevi says asmita what is shan doing there? Where is Ridoy? Shan takes the telephone. He demonstrates Ridoy. Nevi is stupified. she shouts. Nevi says the end result for my child. SHan says he had a go at assaulting Asmita. Nevi says bring him here. I will murder both of you in the event that anything transpires. Asmita calls an emergency vehicle.

Ridoy is alive. they take him to clinic. Shan says to Asmita report to police. She says I am in charge of this. This isnn’t your deficiency. Shan says I didn’t murder Chanda mama. It happened like what happened today. Asmita says I don’t have a clue why I said all that. I realize you can never do this. Shan embraces Asmita.

Excellence says for a young lady one sibling murdered another. Nevi slaps her and says nothing would happen to my ridoy. He will return home.

Everybody comes to emergency clinic. Nevi is crying. ravindra says control yourself. Nevi slaps Shan. SHe says you are so sickening. You had a go at murdering him for this young lady? I figured you would change however you can never show signs of change. I will execute you on the off chance that anything transpires. Shan says he had a go at assaulting asmita. NEvi says I dont need to hear anything. He was with his significant other, what were you doing there. any man would get furious when he sees his significant other with another man. NEvi says to asmita you are blood of those grimy lanes. asmita says enough. You reserve no privilege to affront me like that.

Raivindra says Shan this happened on account of Asmita. He is your sibling. How might you do this to him.

Asmita gets back home and cries in shower. She reviews Rdioy contacting her. Asmita washes herself and cries. Shan gets back home. He takes a gander at asmita crying. Shan embraces her. Asmita says I need to be Puchki once more. Why this occurred. Try not to abandon me today. I need to live everlastingly with you. Shan says your adoration props me up. He says we should begin the life from where we left it. Puchki and Shantanu. Neel gets back home. He says Shan ridoy. Specialist said he wont live.

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