Yeh Teri Galiyan 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shan is looking for something inside the kitchen. Asmita gives it to him. He says I don’t understand how to thank you to store that child. That child isn’t liable for anything. he’s harmless. Asmita says for that harmless child i’m able to even permit my love go. he’s your baby. He has proper on your love. we are able to all supply him, love. he is my buddy’s infant. they may be both in tears. Asmita says we each need to promise every different to offer that infant love. They hug in tears. The music hamesha tumko chaha. Asmita recalls their moments collectively. Asmita sits down crying.

beauty sees Asmita giving end result to Paro. She says why has this lady changed? what is she up to.

A woman enters the residence. She says my call is Manika and i am a crook legal professional. Ravindra says welcome. Please sit down. She says i’m here. as opposed to wasting time we should discuss crucial factors. NEvi says whilst we need one we will get a lawyer on our very own. Manika says were sent by way of the court. Nevi says this is our family be counted and we will cope with it. Asmita says truly I referred to like her here. Nevi says what? Nevi says why did you need to? Asmita says Shan’s case has been pending for so long.

Manika says Shan you ought to thank Asmita for taking your case upon the proper time. She says I promise you i will get you out of this case. Nevi wonder what goes on.

Nevi says to Shan can’t you spot what is occurring right here. Asmita is getting an attorney for her.

Manika asks Shan you noticed Aru at the airport remaining time proper? Why did you never return from London? asmita says tto ell her about the promise your mother made you do. She says your case and your friendship is thrilling. Asmita is worried for you. Manika says so this is a result of step mom’s behaviour. Shan says don’t say a phrase approximately my mom. I recognize she added you right here and he or she has a positive factor of view of my mother. Manika says you won’t take sides. Shan says my mama has nothing to do with this example. She says promise me you won’t be biased to everyone. Shan says ok.

Precap:- The attorney tries to realize the fact.


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