Yeh Teri Galiyan 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ridoy takes to the air his oxygen and says convey her right here. Shan says in coronary heart what should I do. He says relax i will deliver her lower back.

Asmita dances in her residence. She dances on solar raha hai na tu. Shan calls Asmita. She doesn’t choose. Asmita asks the girl to go away. Shan says to Ridoy she isn’t picking. Paro calls Asmita. She selections. ASmita says what are you doing Ridoy. He says if you don’t come by way of day after today i will kill myself. Asmita says listen.. He says no that’s very last. Shan takes the cellphone and hangs up. He says loosen up now. Ridoy says she has to return returned.

Asmita says wwhat should I do. she cries and dances greater on solar raha hai na tu. She remembers her moments with Ridoy.

a few thugs prevent baba. they try beating him. Asmita comes there. She says get out of right here. A thug laughs and says so that you will prevent us now? Don’t fear. we will come up with amusing. Baba slaps her. Asmita beats them. She says say it once more. You concept I belong to those streets so you can force a female. while a lady says no it method no. Asmita beats the thug. She says come forward. i will tell you what a woman from sona gachi can do. They run. Asmita asks Baba are you okay? He says yes. Shan calls Asmita. SHe doesn’t choose.

Shan comes home with ridoy. Nevi says allow me do arti. Ridoy throws it away. Nevi says what’s this. He says I don’t have any relation with you. i am no longer your son here anymore. stay far from me. He leaves. Ravindra says I don’t recognize what to do. Shan please communicate to him.

Chanda calls Asmit and says i’m now not nicely. Asmita says bari ma what took place. Chanda says I truely omit you. Please come again. Asmita says bari ma isn’t returned. Asmita says i’m coming.

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