Yeh Teri Galiyan Written UpdateYeh Teri Galiyan 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nevi says she is your wife. Asmita comes. She says what passed off. NEvi says why is there so much distance among you and your husband. Ridoy says mama, please. We realize a way to manage our courting. Nevi says don’t speak to her like that. Asmita says we don’t have solutions in your questions. but i was given an attorney for ridoy. He loves Shan lots. He becomes so worried. Bua comes and says she thinks so much approximately the own family; Asmita says we have to be there for our family. Nevi says you are proper. i am concerned for Shan too. I care approximately Shan too. Nevi leaves.

Nevi wonder what’s taking place. Does she say what are they speaking approximately? Moushmi says to Nevi she is doing all this so she can get with the Mazumdar who has all of the money. Nevi says oh shut up.
Nevi call a person. She says you are proper. i can kill Paro’s child.

Manika asks Shan what had been you and Nevi doing at the location Aru turned into abducted from? Nevi come there. Shan says ma known as me there. Nevi says we purchase idols from there. She says however there are no idols. Nevi says we get them made on order. Manika says an identical region he was abducted from? Nevi coughs. Manika says its okay take your rest. Navi says I pass over every each second of my existence.

Manika says to Asmita you’re doing all this to store your love. Don’t fear we are able to prove him innocent.

Shan gives nevi water. She says I can’t do all this. I recognize he is okay. I understand he can’t be useless. Shan hugs her and says Manika additionally thinks he is alive; Nevi says clearly? How?

Mohit comes to meet Paro. She hugs him. Asmita sees them. Paro says what if someone sees you. He says i love you. She says i love you too. Please cross from here. Mohit leaves. Does she say Paro remains with him? Asmita says is that this child Mohit’s? and she is trapping Shan?

Shan comes to temple with Paro because nevi asked him. Jamai spreads a rumour of bomb there. He says Paro will lose her baby. Asmita is there. Paro is set to fall. Asmita saves her. Shan choices her too.
Asmita hits the who spread the information. She says that the individual gave me cash. Jamai runs and hides.

Precap:- Paro and Mohit asks Asmita to forgive them.


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